Papaya with Milk

I remember when I was a little child, my mother would always buy fruits and eat those with ice and milk. One of my favorites is Papaya with milk. I wanted to pass this over to my children someday. I really like this. It is so delicious and yummy! :-) My husband don't like Papaya too much but by making it a little bit special he learned to like it. I bet your children will truly like this and will ask for more. And they can even learn to prepare this by themselves. Hope you'll like this simple dessert from our family. :-) Enjoy!

Here is the very simple procedure.


Ripe Papaya
Milk (I prefer powdered milk)
Ice cubes


1. Cut the papaya by four part lengthwise. And grate the papaya with a spoon.  

2. Mix just after pouring the ice cubes. Stir with spoon. In this case, I do not like the papaya comes out finely. I like to remain some papaya meat on it.  

3. Then add enough milk and sugar depending on the size of papaya you will buy. I prefer powdered milk and medium sugar for the papaya is already sweet. Stir and mix until the sugar and milk melt.  

4. Finally, you have Papaya with milk dessert. Hopefully you will enjoy eating with your family.


Anonymous said…
hi there.. im eating this ryt now.. it's so yummy. but i didn't add sugar since the papaya is sweet already.. also to lessen the calories. ;)
MuaHRi said…
Oh yes you are right! :-) thank you so much!

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