My F.H.E. in CAN

My F.H.E. in can helps me a lot when my hubby and I are busy that we could not carefully prepare a F.H.E. Lessons with all the stuff and props.

We are so much thankful that we have this kind of program because it strengthen us. Don't give up if you are busy and tired. Still, do your F.H.E. I know that if you do it, it will enlighten your burden and you don't want to miss Monday without having it. 
Here's our F.H.E. in can. 

I know it's very simple without any styles at all but it's very useful. You can make this with your own styles. hmm.. I will try to make this look beautiful and attractive! :-) I'll update soon..


Anonymous said…
fantastic.. your idea is great.. it's really important to spent quality time with your husband on and in between busy working schedules, men do easily get bored with relationships more than girls do, so your F.H.E. would be a cute, interesting and a simple kind of way too add sparkle in a couples daily routine.

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