Philippines Old Christmas Decorations... Where are all those stuffs!!

I remember in my elementary years, during Christmas, the teacher will gives us a homework project to make a Christmas Decor. She will teach us first at school and we will make it in our home. I remember that every students and especially me will try to make it as beautiful as the other students to get a high grade. That is funny. I remember after I finish my project, I would display it in our house and make more of it. It was really fun. It was also less expense. My mom would join me in making those stuff. But where are they now? I realized that things changed. And you rarely see those kind of decorations now. I feel that we should preserve it for our culture and tradition.I searched in the internet but I only find few of these kind.

Take a look at the pictures... and remember...

I don't know what symbolizes these decorations and where does it come from. I need to ask from the oldies about this. I wanted to learn and know. I will show you later how to make one of these. :-) See you later!


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