Zippered Wristlet

I was excited to make a Zippered Wristlet / Pouch but became disappointed that I was not able to understand and figure our the instruction. I ask my hubby to help me out. But he just told me it's not easy. I should make the easy one so that I would not be disappointed and felt sad.. huhuhu... :-(

But I didn't give up. I google this kind of pouch. And finally, someone gave me HOPE! :-) I found heart of mary's blog. I downloaded her tutorial and printed it out. And read it two times. Prepared the materials and cut the pieces. Read the steps careful. When I finally figured out how it works, I was so excited and go to my sewing machine and carefully sew the fabrics. I'm so happy that I was able to make one! I think her tutorial is so easy to understand especially the English is quite simple to understand :-) because I'm not that good in English and my vocabulary is poor. 

Here's what I have made!


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