Additional Meeting Program Notepad

Every time I have an activity for Relief Society Additional Meeting I always forgot to prepare the program. I know it is easy and I always think of it but when time comes I always miss it. We end up appointing spontaneously the task who's who.

So, an idea came up to my head. I should make a program notepad. This way I could easily plan the program and give it to the conductor. 

The size of this notepad is 3" x 7.5". I just made 20 pages because we only have meeting once in a month.

I made the format and printed it out. You can download it HERE. And then, CUT.

Staple wire the papers. 

I used Goldilocks box for the back side. Cut the box in the same size with the notepad but make a little longer for the top to hide the staple wires.

Glue at the upper back and the top front to cover staple wire.

Clip so that it will stick very tight and become sturdy.

After few minutes of waiting... I already have my notepad. I'm sure I can use this on the next R.S. Additional Meeting.



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