Family Home Evening Chart - Another Option!

I made another F.H.E. Chart for one Sister in our Ward. I thought to make another design for her. Actually, we can use many options in making the chart. It is up to our imagination and creation. I have been inspired from so many Sisters online who are very creative. They are really so inspiring!

I know that Sisters have far and greater influence of goodness and light of Christ to family, neighbor, friends and to the community as we strive to live the Gospel of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

I'm excited to share with you my new F.H.E. Chart. 

Here how it goes...

Prepare a 7" x 10" cardboard.
Cover the cardboard with Japanese Paper or Tissue Paper. It is very cheap.
Print out FAMILY HOME EVENING using Curl font. You can download it online if you don't have.
Cut forming the letters so you can see the curves.
Paste into another color of paper and cut. It should look like this.

Prepare and cut small pieces of cardboard.

Paste the small pieces of cardboard at the back of the word.

Paste in to the our cardboard and should look like this.

I bought this at National Book Store at scrapbook section. Paste it at the lover part of the cardboard because this is where the names will be displayed.

I used paper clips. Deformed it this way.

FOR THE NAME TAGS: Make 6 circles with 1.5" diameter. I used Origami paper here.  But you can use a little sturdy paper.

Cut pieces of paper just enough to write the names on it.

Paste it on the circles.

Take the deformed paper clips and use adhesive tape to put it at the back of the tags.

I made paper flowers!

And this one..

Finally, my brand new Family Home Evening Chart! 


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