Corner Bookmark Tutorial

I made this bookmarks for our Relief Society Meeting gifts. We watched Emma Smith My Story. I thought that it would be a good gift if I use the lines of Emma Smith in the movie on my bookmarks. It will serve as remembrance as well.

I would like to share this very simple steps on how to make this bookmark and of course we have BIG BIG ROOMS for ideas to improve this and to put on decorations as you like. 

Use 8.5" x 11" color paper. Cut into half.
Fold in half. Just enough to show the mark.
Fold the left and right corner to center.
Cut the remaining below.
You can use tape to fix the center but it looks bad.
I used decorative scissor. (Hmm.. is it how I supposed to call it? well.. well..)
Print out the quotations and cut.
I pasted the quotations on the bookmarks. I did not use tape anymore.
And use it like this. Pretty nice! I like it use in my Book of Mormon reading.
Another view. You can use favorite verses here.
Enjoy! :-)


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