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My new goal for this year is to work on Personal Progress Honor Bee. I finished my personal progress at the year 2002. I have seen how the personal progress program has changed and improved into a more better guide for the young women. I have a great thanks for the young women program. It really helps me a lot.
After completing my personal progress, I have attempted to do the program again because I really like to have making goals and make more. Now, I make it a goal. 

I wanted to share this beautiful Honor Bee Journal to anyone who would like to complete the Honor Bee program. This is a better guide for me in keeping track of my service project hours and also I want to keep this as remembrance of my projects. I'm so excited to share this with you! 

I like the talk given by Jan Pinborough in titled 

1. Because I can change the world. In my own small and simple way of good influence to other people, I think I can change the world. And I believe if a lot of women will do this, their is so much change we can see in the world.
2. Because it change me. It is really TRUE. I know. I became better woman. And I want to be better more and more.
3. Because it makes me busy. Because it teaches me the habit for striving for goodness.
4. Because it always leads me to the temple.
5. Because it helps me reach my dreams. It helps me maintain my spiritual focus, on good things, become a good person, feel the spirit, receive revelation and BEE Happy!
My new favorite scripture passage from Moroni 7:33 really gives me more strength. It has a promise that only if we have faith, He will give me power to do whatsoever thing is expedient with God. It always reminds me that I should always put God the center in everything I do and He will give me power. What power would that be? I consider strength to be a power. And also, the power to receive revelations, the power to listen the voice of the Spirit and a testimony to my Savior Jesus Christ. 

I'm no longer young women but who I am now it is because of what I have gain from young women personal progress. And I want to do it again and again.
 If you want to use this journal for your Honor Bee you can download it from HERE.
 You can either insert and paste it into your personal journal or make your own booklet.

Use 9 in. x 7 in. paper size and print back to back accordingly.

The cute bee clip arts are from iclipart.

Update: I have uploaded the editable version (in Microsoft word) of Honor Bee Journal so that you can edit the journal according to your needs. You can download it from HERE.

I posted my Honor Bee Service Project Ideas to share to you what I am doing. 

Visit LDS YOUNG WOMEN SITE for more information. 

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Tammy said…
I would love to print this for my daughter who finished her personal progress! I can't seem to get anything in google docs to work for me, something about my computers security that I can't figure out, can you email me the file? Thanks
MuaHRi said…
Sure! I would love to! :-) I'll send it to you. Thanks and Good luck!

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