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When I was in elementary and high school, I like to do projects. Do experiments with my group mates. I enjoyed accomplishing something. I'm excited on what would be the next project the teacher would give. And I was able to bring this kind of attitude to college. But suddenly, I felt that was too much already. I kept on writing notes on the wall in front of my study table the things I need to do because projects was too many and have deadlines. Whoa! As I am thinking it right now it seems funny. But I never thought that my younger brother is observing me and really cares for me. On my birthday, he gave a gift. I felt happy that he gave me a present. As I opened it, I received a notepad. And I felt a little disappointed of what I expect from him. And I asked him, why you gave me this? "Because I saw you wrote down so many notes and put it on the wall," he said. "You can write it down to the notepad all the things you do and it will not be lost," he added. I thought that was a good idea! I thanked him so much! I feel that he is good in observing, and caring silently and he is good in giving gifts that you really need and useful than that you expect of.

Well, here is my notepad look like...

My choice of notepad is CORONA. I like the quality of paper. Put a sticker of my name.
Every first page of my notepad I write my favorite scripture passage. It is a constant reminder of me that in every day of my life I should treasure the things that would lead me to the things of Heaven for my heart will also be there always.
I just chose some of the entries to show you how I list down my "things-to-do". This day is super busy.
This day is holiday. I write the MONTH in every beginning of each month in RED color. It reminds me that it is already a new month.
If I have done the task, I check it or line it with red or blue pen. It will tell me that I have done something on that day.
This is another picture showing you that I have done the task.
I write the holidays or occasions on specific day. It will reminds me that I have to do something to celebrate.



1. Write the date on the upper right corner. If is the beginning of the month write the MONTH in different color.
2. Because I am a working wife, I made two columns. Under the fist column is the things I need to do at office and at construction projects. On the second column, is the things I need to do at home, church, for my own, with my hubby or with my friends. I always wanted to write down the things on the second column which I called OTHERS because it will always reminds me that I should be mindful of my spiritual being, my home and  with my hubby.
3. If you are done with the task, you cross it with red pen or a color that is contrast with the pen color you are using. I like blue so I use red to tell me good job. You've done something today.

  • Plan ahead. Before I sleep, I write down the things I need to do for tomorrow because if I will not do it I will have to think it so many time within the night and I'll have nightmares. And also, I feel I don't have directions if I don't write the things I have to do even though it is only a small job.
  • Write down extra work. If I have done something that was not in the plan I made, I will write it down. It will tell me that.. oh.. you really done a good job. :-)
  • Reminds you of the past activities. If I forgot something especially the "when" questions, it is easy to find out and answer in my daily record.
  • How many notepad for 1 year? In one year, I can consumed 1 and 1/2 of this kind of notepad but it depends on your needs and how busy are you everyday in your life.
  • What pen and notepad I use? I use G-tech pilot pen. Blue color. Corona 80 sheets.
  • Writing flow. (Sorry. I don't know if this is a correct term to use.) I don't write on my notepad on reverse way if you flip on the next page. A write on the same flow. All facing to me. (I'll show you pic how I do that for more clarity.)
  • Thought of the day. Sometimes, as I ponder something, I come up with thoughts that are nice, scripture or quotations. Especially, from the bloggers that I read everyday. I write it down here. I don't want to miss that good thoughts. It will remind of something that strengthen of my testimony.
I hope that this help you somehow. ENJOY! :-)


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