PAF Printing Options

I just want to share with you what I have discovered with Personal Ancestral File Program (PAF) that really helps me a lot in my research. I feel happy that it will help me track the list of missing individual for LDS ordinances.

Here how it goes...

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In the option menu, you can see different options to print depending in your need. I  chose LIST. Under the list, it shows the type of list. First I chose the SORTED INDIVIDUAL LIST. The second one I've discovered was the LDS INCOMPLETE INDIVIDUAL ORDINANCES. 

Why I like this option in PAF? 
Because even though I will not go online to check my Family History Files, I can still check the individuals who has a missing ordinances. It gives me direction in my research which ancestor I should put into my priority list.

During my research, I always bring these lists with me and update my list online in Family Search.

I know this is an important work to do. And it is never ending job. Truly our heart will turn to our fathers if we do this. 
Hope could learn some tips with you also! 


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