Key Organizer

I always saw my husband's keys on the computer table and it is always forgotten to where he left his keys. This has been a long planned project for him and finally all materials I needed perfectly come in right timing. :-)

  • A piece of wood with paint. (Please ask your husband to paint for you if you don't know) I got this from our client who want to show us the color they like. After showing the color, this will be nothing important, but for me a big important for my project. You may use a piece of wood. Size will depend on you.

  • Screw hook. Take note how to buy this hook. It has different sizes according to diameter. I prefer this small one. 1 one centimeter in diameter.

  • Alphabet Sticker. I bought this at National Bookstore at scrap booking section. I feel happy because I thought I'm going to pay Php 89.50. I feel a little burden about that but good thing that they SALE the scrap booking section. I got it for only Php 44.50. Wow!


1. First is you need to provide a piece of wood with dimension you need and paint it. Ask your husband to do it for you. And you can pay him with a kiss. :-)

2. Buy a screw hook. Choose the right size by checking the diameter of the hole. It comes with different sizes.

3. Screw to the wood. At first it is easy but it will make your finger in pain. So, ask your husband again to do it for you. :-)

Locate this key organizer where it is accessible and place it at least eye level in height.

4. Emphasize by adding letter's with adhesive.

And finally our key organizer. Oh~~ You don't need to buy expensive one. I just paid             Php 69.00 total for this. I think mothers or women are good in budgeting. :-) Try it!

Oh~~ my hubby is happy with this organizer. He will not misplace his keys again. :-) And also his name is on it. 

(Sorry about the missing hook in the middle, he misplaced that one.)


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