I'm into crocheting lately...

After our Relief Society additional meeting, I got interested into crocheting.
I'm excited to learn this skill. 
I don't know for what purpose yet but maybe someday I will know.
This project is good for BEGINNERS.
I enjoyed making this tiny crochet flowers.


If you want to learn how to make this  below is the tutorial. It is simple and easy.

With this flower, that made my noddle think so much, 
turns out nice and beautiful. 
I'm so happy. 
I asked my hubby where can I use this flowers.. 
He said I could attached it into my simple stuffs. hmmm.. I think so...

Here's the tutorial for this.

I've found this information that is very helpful to me.

I hope for you too who is beginning to learn this craft.

I got this information from this BLOG.

When you go to COUNTRY CRAFTS to either Ayala or SM Mall branches, you buy a set of crocheting materials and they will teach you how to make a cellphone holder.
I went there and they taught me. I came up with this new cellphone holder.



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