How to Make Header for Blogger?

I just figured out how to make my header today! 

I follow some of the tutorials I've read but still can't find where's the trick. 

Now, I wanted to share with you how I made it. Maybe we have the same problem encountered.


Open PowerPoint. 

A text box is already displayed. Re size it to 1.61 x 9.49. Don't worry if it does not fit with the background.

 Design your header. You can insert pictures, graphics and text. You can be creative here.

Here's what I came up.
After you are satisfied with your design, click the text box, press ctrl and point to pictures to highlight everything.

 It should look like this.

Point on the highlighted items and RIGHT CLICK, SAVE AS PICTURE.

Save the picture in PNG format.

Save this file for future use or you may not.

Open the file into Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

Notice the size of the picture. It is not fit with my blog header. 

Check what is the size of the my blog in pixel.

To check: Dashboard / Design / Template Designer / Adjust Widths

Refer to "Entire Blog", the size is 990 pixels.

In Microsoft Office Picture Manager, choose "Percentage of original width x height".

I maximize the size to 233% which gives 3901x988 pixels.

Remember that the original size of the picture should be at least A4 size so that when we resize it, it will not be blurry.

I felt the result is okay.

So, I will upload now to my blog.

To Upload: Dashboard / Design / Page Element / Header Edit

Here you can upload your new image for your header!


I feel nice with my blog's new look. :-) Hope you like it too!


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