My Easy Pouch Tutorial

I love handmade things! Not only that I can save from doing it, it also will help me develop qualities a woman should have for the home. I've learned that when I was a young women. I love the lessons I have heard and learned from the Young Women Class from the church.

It is easy for me to be in love with this cute little handmade purse.. as well as big handmade purse. :-) I'm always tempted to make one. Just for keeps or I give it to a friend. I'm happy giving these handmade stuffs for my friends. I hope they like it too. :-)
Today, I'm going to share with you how to make the basics of making a purse or pouch.
It is up to you to make your own unique design.


What you need..

Taiwan cloth / Oilcloth
Zipper 8"
Coordinating thread
Needle / Sewing machine


Sew on one side of the zipper.

Flip to the right side of the zipper and fold oilcloth and sew.

It look like this. Do the same on the other side.

ohh~~ i know it looks bad.. but don't worry it will not be visible outside. :-)

Stitch on top both side

It should look like this by now.

Sew the edges.

Make sure zipper is open. It will help you in later part.

After you sew the edges and cut the two corners.

Measure 1" form the tip to inside.

Sew the 1" line from tip.

From the sew line, measure 1/4" and cut.

It will look like this!

Invert. And your done!

Your finished pouch! Very simple!


Victoria said…
That is very cute!
Victoria said…
That is very cute!
MuaHRi said…
Hi Victoria! Thank you so much! :-)

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