Date Journal Progress

Did you remember my post on Date Journal ?

If you haven't seen it, click the underlined words and it will bring you there.

I'm going to show you our date journal progress.

December 2011 Date

Plan: Go to Ayala Mall. Have dinner and after dinner went to Timezone for a fun game.

Cost: Php 500.00 or less

The story: My hubby and I went to Ayala Mall to have dinner and have fun in Timezone.  Instead of games, we chose the snapshots photo booth. For 39.00 Pesos we had nice photos and enjoyed so much! :-) It was funny because we are always in a hurry posing because the photo booth have timer. We kept on posing and finally we did not expect we both have the same best shot!

We both have a copy of this picture. My hubby placed it into his wallet. And I put it into my facebook profile and our photo album. :-) I also made a simple scrapbook for each date we have. December of last year was a good start! :-)


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