January 2012 Date

Our date last January was really exciting because we watched in IMAX. We haven't tried this movie experience before and I knew my hubby will have fun because he really like to watch action movies. 

Plan: Watch IMAX. We had to postponed our first plan to watch MI4 because I became busy from work. And we just wait for Underworld.

Cost: This was really costly but fortunately my brother gave a gift certificate from Christmas giveaways in his company. I had 5 gift certificates and 100 pesos each of it. IMAX cost 400 pesos.

The story: My husband's nephew was with us. This was his first movie experience in theater and IMAX too. Really amazing. We were like excited to wear the shades. :-) And Oh~~ we just bought burger for our dinner because the movie was expensive so we need to buy a little bit of food. We ate at home afterwards. 
It was fun and really an amazing experience. We were laughing and got shocked from some of the scenes. I'm glad that I was able to chose the right movie. I'm happy my hubby really enjoyed. I could see it in his face. :-) That was memorable.
Afterwards, we had a chance to read our Chinese fortunes. (Although, we don't really follow it, just for fun because the same time it was Chinese New Year.)
So, I made a simple scrapbook into our Date Journal. I'm so excited for our February Date. Such a great goal to make for the year with my hubby!

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