Liahona's Conference Notebook

Just this year, you will find in the Liahona the "Conference Notebook" Section. This month's issue talks about the last conference talk and for the next 6 months issue we will be expecting more of April Conference Notebook section in Liahona.

Please notice January issue of Liahona for this section. The title is October Conference Notebook because it was from the last October General Conference.
What is GOOD about this section? Why I love this?
I love this section because I love General Conference talks! And this is a help for me in studying the conference talks as well. When I wanted to study a particular principle or topic, I always search from the general conference talks.
I desire to follow their counsels and prepare for future with their counsels pondered into my heart. They are like my parents to me. And these are the words of the prophets, apostles and other priesthood leaders.
I really appreciate how these speakers prepare themselves to receive personal revelations, study and ponder to give a talk in general conference. Elder Holland said that they were not assigned to what topic they should speak. How amazing it is that every general conference we had, their is always an answers to questions, an idea for every decisions to make and an answers to prayers. It seems that the message is especially made for me.

How do I study the talks from the General Conference?
Previously, I posted here how I study the general conferences and other conference talks. 
Here are only some of the ways I study the general talks that I've posted here. I hope I could show you more to give you more ideas. I hope I could help in simple ways.

How can I better use this Conference Notebook?
I like this month's issue of Liahona on Conference Notebook because they mentioned ways how to better use the General Conference and I know these ways are effective. Don't worry as you take long to study one conference talk because it means you have the time to ponder and to apply the things you have learn in yourself. I know how powerful it is because I am doing it. I know the challenge they gave to us has its own blessings as we ponder and act upon it.

 From this section in Liahona, I found GREAT quotation from Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley. I know how important it is. It helps me so much and I will continue to do it.

“Out of all we have heard, there may be a phrase or a paragraph that will stand out and possess our attention. If this occurs, I hope we will write it down and reflect on it until we savor the depth of its meaning and have made it a part of our own lives.”
President Gordon B. Hinckley (1910–2008), “An Humble and a Contrite Heart,” Liahona, Jan. 2001, 103; Ensign, Nov. 2000, 88.

 Another explanation about this new section of Liahona from CHURCH NEWS.
It is exciting for me with this new section of Liahona. It will be a great help. Thanks for the editors of this magazine.


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