Simple Birthday Celebration!

Last 17th of May was my hubby's birthday. We had a simple celebration but it was really fun! :-) I was really tired since my mom came for visit and medical check up. I was busy with her. 

On that day, I kept on thinking how could I make my hubby's birthday special that I could not spend so much money. I felt so down. I don't have so much energy. That night he had a meeting in our Church. I thought I could not let the day pass by without anything to do. I ran out to the mall. 

I bought a small cake and candle lights. :-)

 Before he went to Church for meeting, he told me he wanted to eat rice because he is very hungry. I thought to buy a fish to steam or a pork ribs for barbeque but it seems a lot of work to do. So, I decided to buy sliced pork meat, beans and corn. 

We barbeque the pork, boiled the corn and the beans.
He liked the food we had! I also love it! Very delicious!
 After dinner, I prepared a movie for us. I know he like martial arts. And lately he has been looking for the movie, THE LEGEND IS BORN - IP MAN. So, I downloaded this from Youtube. 

 The movie was another hit also! We enjoyed watching! This movie is really good. 
 We really had a great birthday date! *_*

And also, making my love letter to him to end the night.. 

I'm grateful for my loving husband. He is my "great study companion". And also, I'm thankful that we share the same desires I have in my heart! Such a great blessing!


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