1st Step: Fill in a Pedigree Chart & Family Group Record

"How can I start my Family History?" has always been a common question asked by many of my friends. I thought you might asked the same question within yourself too. 

Don't worry. 

With your sincere DESIRE to perform and UNDERSTANDING of the purpose of Family History and Temple Work, you are ready to START your Family History Work Journey.. I call it journey because you will get to know each of your ancestors and their families. 

Let's start!

You'll Need:

Pedigree Chart - you'll need at least 10 copies
Family Group Record - you'll need at least 50 copies
Ballpen (Choose Good Quality)

General Rule of Writing Data:
  • Write all names as full, main, legal names in the order they are spoken. Write a woman's maiden name (birth name), not her married name.
  • Write all dates as day, month and year, such as 4 Oct 1996
  • Write all place in order of smallest to largest political jurisdiction, separated by commas, such as Tyron, Polk, North Carolina, USA.
A. Gather of Information
  • Write down information from your memory. You might remember the birthdays, death dates, marriage date of family members.
  • Start gather information from your home. Your home is an important source of family history information. Spend some time looking for records that exist in your home. You may find: 
Family group records, pedigree charts, books of remembrance, or ancestral tablets.
Family Bibles.
Journals, diaries, and letters.
Personal histories and life sketches.
Family histories.
Old photographs.
Obituaries and newspaper clippings.
Birth, marriage, and death certificates.
Household registers and tribal registration papers.
  • Keep all documents in one place. You can keep them in A4 size envelope, A4 size plastic envelope or box. I think for starting, you still don't have the need to organize your papers because you still have few. But later, you will get crazy if you don't.  

B. Fill out your Pedigree Chart
 Your Pedigree Chart is like a summary of your lineage or ancestor. 

You start filling in number 1 as YOURSELF. Your father on number 2, and your mother on number 3 and so on and so forth. 

There are different pedigree chart out there for you but I strongly recommend to use this pedigree chart because of these features...
  • At-a-glance you can see the completed ordinances by marking the boxes under the name of each person.
  • There is the "F" status box to connect the person to which Family Group Record number he/she belongs.  

For more information about Pedigree Chart, please click link below:

How to Add Pedigree Chart ?

How to assign color coding on Pedigree Chart ?

C. Fill out your Family Group Record
 Your Family Group Record is to record information about the parents and children in one family and each person's family.
Start with your husband, you as wife and your children. 
Next, your father as husband, your mother as wife and you as one of the children.

Fill out all information you have.
Follow general rule of writing information.

For more information about Family Group Record, please click link below:

How to Assign Family Group Record Number ?
Carefully fill out these forms.
Do not be too excited to use the internet that you miss some of the information and you can't think well.
It is always wise to have ready the completed forms in front of the computer because you have to transfer that information to Family Search on the next step.
Don't worry if you have blank spaces of your forms.
You'll have time to research those information later on.


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