Family Group Records You Need

How many Family Group Record you need to fill out ?

Usually, it is easy to know how many Family Group Record you need to fill out by looking at your Pedigree Chart.  

You first fill out a Family Group Record for your direct lineage. 

 If your able to fill out this 4th degree generation of Pedigree chart you will need to fill out 8 Family Group Record for your direct lineage.

But not only that..

Here is what I did..

FGR No.1 - is me and my husband. We don't have children yet so, I don't need to fill out an FGR.

FGR No. 2 - is my father and mother. They have two children including me.
My youngest bother is not yet married, so I don't need to fill out an FGR at this time. And also, I don't need to make another FGR for my self because I already have on FGR No. 1. I just have to show on Pedigree Chart to which FGR No. my name was mentioned. Just like this photo below.

FGR No. 3 - is my grandfather and grandmother. They have 7 children including my mother. Six (6) of the children got married and one of them did not. So, I will make 6 Family Group Record for my Aunts and Uncles. 

I also have to fill out my Aunt's and Uncle's children's FGR.

For example:

One of my Uncles has 6 children and all of them got married, I have to fill out 6 more FGR.
One of my Aunts has 5 children and only 3 got married, I have to fill out 3 more FGR.

.... and so on and so forth...

And oh~~ before I miss this thing, for example, my mother has one (1) child from previous husband, I have to do a separate FGR on that. And that child (my brother) got married, so I have to make another FGR. And if his children got married, add more FGR. :-)

So, the more you'll know your family, the more Family Group Record you will have!

Isn't it exciting? :-)

Hope you'll find more and more! Enjoy!

Oh~~ I need your comments to make my post even better! Thank you!


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