RS Monthly Plans

One of the things we have to discuss during Relief Society Presidency Meeting is to organize and plan for Sunday Meetings. One week before the next month, we plan for the Sunday meetings and other assignments. 

I made this Relief Society Monthly Plans to summarized all.
The Presidency should have the chance to conduct during the Sunday Meetings. I conduct on the first month, the 1st councilor on the 2nd month and the 2nd councilor on the 3rd month and start over again with me.

We assigned the music leader to choose the hymns. These way she could have time to seek for inspiration to choose the right hymns. She could have the topic from church website because all the lessons for the year is already there except the 1st Sunday Meeting and 4th Sunday Lesson. We give her the lesson on these Sundays in advance.

We include the teacher in the plans so that we can remind them in advance and we can study in advance in case she cannot make it.

Our assignments are given by the Bishop during Sacrament Meetings like flowers, sacrament presentations and sacrament speaker.

We also have included ideas during our Sunday Meetings. On 2nd Sunday, we would announce and inform sisters who would like to share service to those who need help for our welfare & compassionate service.
On 3rd Sunday, we would like to inspire the sisters by showing them ideas on emergency preparedness, self-reliance and other inspiring ideas for FHE, scripture study and so on..
On 4th Sunday, we give ideas on Visiting Teaching. 
This could only take a few minutes and we think is very powerful. We really can inspire sisters.

This way we are better organize. When the assigned councilor who cannot make it on Sunday, it is easy to take charge the conducting duty because it is already planned. 

I'm thankful for the support of the Sisters and for magnifying their callings! I'm so much grateful for that! Hope this could give you a hint or idea how to organize your Relief Society Sunday Meetings.


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