How Do I Properly Use my Personal Progress Journal?

I easily get caught with beautiful and cute notebooks scattered in bookstores nowadays. I am always tempted to buy those stuff to use as my personal progress journal instead of the one already provided for us. Until I realized that this personal progress journal is handy, of good quality paper and also pretty simple. :-)

Now, I'm using this as my personal journal and my personal progress journal. I'll show you how I properly used this journal for my personal progress.

First, I printed out the Personal Progress Record Sheet and used it as my table of contents. I wrote down the page number of my journal entry. I write a lot so I decided not to limit the pages by values because I will have a problem later. I can just freely do other values and write continuously.

Second, I numbered all the pages. First page would be introduction of me including my favorite scripture. Second page is the table of contents.

Third, organize the writing by writing all that is required in every value experience. Listing the scriptures are the very basic in every value experience. Writing your thought for each scripture is rewarding. And also, my favorite is answering questions. This questions are good questions that help me realize and learn something. 

Here are some of the examples:

Please Note: The Plan of Salvation pictures are from "theredheadedhostess". I printed it and shrink the size to place into my journal.

Fourth, if my thoughts are increasing and I write a lot I just could write "continue on page.." for additional writings.

I hope this would help young women using our resources more useful and meaningful because it was then made to be useful. :-) Thank you!


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