General Conference Study Journal: The Sabbath Is a Delight

After so long that I have not study the scripture, I browse my General Conference Study Journal.
I'm into tears that I have remember all the feelings I had when I study those talks and wrote it down in my journal. I've realize how lovely it was. I feel really fascinated of my journal.
And why I stopped? That is my question.
Work has been the major factor why I did not find time to study again. 

And so, I recommit myself to study again. I'm in love with my journal again.
I wanted to be in love with them again and again. 

This talk has injected to me for 3 months and finally I have recovered. 

I had so much realization. Everyday seems like their is something I'm always guilty about. 

After reading, studying, pondering and writing, I desired to keep the Sabbath Holy and also make it a DELIGHT!

The speaker's said and my thoughts is my way to ponder things. When I write what the speaker's have said, sometimes I can't write my thoughts right away. I have to ponder what he have said. It's an everyday pondering until I get what he means, until I feel the spirit whisper's to me what it means.

I'm so much thankful for this talk. I'm excited to share this study page to you.

The Sabbath Is a Delight, Elder Russell M. Nelson, General Conference, April 2015.


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