My New Calling!

Surprisingly, I was called as Relief Society President again in our ward. When the Bishop interviewed me, almost 2 months ago, I did not accept it as I were going to ask my husband for counsel and his decision. And his counsel was, No. And I wonder why he said that. His answer was because I was too busy for the church activity that I could hardly do my responsibilities at home. My reason was I am afraid that would happen again and also my relationship with him with get rough again.

I am the 1st counselor of Relief Society in our Stake, so, this surprise me when the Bishop asked me if I'm willing to serve for the ward since I am not busy at Stake. I just thought that I could not go down for calling. And I was wrong. Deep in my heart I am willing to serve. 

I was hesitant because I don't want to feel stressed and pressured again. 
But Bishop said, learn to delegate responsibility. Okay. 

I worry too much that the sisters might judge me of accepting the calling. 
Bishop said, he prayed for how many weeks, and he is inspired that I should be called. It means, it is the Lord that calls me. Okay. 

I was confused whether to stay in two callings or not. Bishop said it is up to me if I can handle both. Okay. But I finally have answer with this. I will choose to serve in our ward. Because I will be able to share a lot of things instead when I'm in the Stake. Okay. 

Finally, last Sunday, I was sustained. It was scary for me because the process was not really right. I was afraid somebody from the Stake will opposed. But, surprisingly, no one did. (sigh)

Supposedly, here's the technicality, the Bishop when inspired to call someone from the Stake, he should go to the Stake President to talk about his plan and everything will follow if the Stake President approves. In my case, it did not happened that way. But anyway, last Sunday, everything was discussed and settled. I felt relieved. And last Sunday's lesson was being optimistic. I was really worried, afraid and scared. The lesson helps me feel calm and I decided to set aside those negative thoughts. 

I don't know the reasons why I'm back. Maybe I over think of the reasons.
But I just want to have a thought to be grateful instead that I could be better than I was before. Be grateful for another chance that I could do the things that I missed out before. To be more concern of the welfare of the Sisters than I felt before. And really have another chance to learn more about being a Relief Society President. (which I'm going to share it here with you..) And being grateful for the new inspiration that the Lord will give me for the ward's Relief Society Sisters. And learn how to manage time wisely than I did before. 

Bishop said that I'm strong. But I think I'm not. I'm not without God with me.

I'm reminded with my favorite scripture in 

Moroni 7:33
And Christ hath said: If ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me.

I'm grateful with so many new experiences that is going on with me now. Like, we are moving to a new house. My brother has his 1st baby girl, my mom just had a successful operation, our house at the province needs legal papers to finally own it, my co-workers are doing a great job, we have a new dog, I have started my vegetable garden, and so many countless blessings that I should not be afraid of. Why I'm afraid of such blessings? I should not be, right?
And thanks to this blog...
Thank you for visiting my blog!


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