Visiting Teacher Progress

I personally wanted to improve our Visiting Teaching in our ward. I feel that sisters were not excited to do visiting and it is really hard for us to report how many were visited. I don't know what happened that only few were able to do this responsibility.

I have in mind something exciting but I first consult my counselors together with our secretary. I asked them this question, What we could do to encourage our sisters do visiting teaching? and What we could do something different about visiting teaching that they will be surprise about ?

I introduce to them my plan. I have been thinking this for quite some time now. I first asked counsel from our Bishop if this would be okay. I'm happy that some improvement and it's okay! I'm excited to do the work and finally I'm going to share this with you also. 

Inspired by the Young Women Personal Progress, we are going to make a


Their were so many thoughts coming inside my mind on how would I title this project. I read from Pinterest a lot about visiting, and I came up with two reasons:
  •  It is not the sisters to be visited that we ask if they were visited. It is the visiting teachers that we ask if they were able to visit. 
  • Ask much as we are concern for the welfare of the sister to be visited, we can not see their needs if the visiting teachers assigned did not minister to that sister.
All sisters in Relief Society are Visiting Teachers. 

And how do we progress as a Visiting Teachers?

How do we know if we are successful Visiting Teachers?

From the tells us this;

We will know we are successful in our ministry as visiting teachers when the sisters we visit can say:

  • My visiting teacher helps me grow spiritually.
  • I know that my visiting teacher cares deeply about me and my family.
  • If I have problems, I know my visiting teacher will take action without waiting to be invited.
How do we do Visiting Teaching Progress?

In young women personal progress, they have their value experiences. For us in Relief Society, we minister. And we called it ministering experiences. 

1.) Each month for each quarter, they will choose one ministering experience from three choices we prepared. If they were assigned 3 sisters they choose one ministering experience and do it for all the sisters they were going to visit. Or, they can do all the ministering experiences if they were able to do it.

2.) If they are done, they will report to the Visiting Teaching Supervisor or to Relief Society Presidency to report.

3.) The Visiting Teaching Supervisor or Relief Society Presidency will sign and date the charity work.

4.) The Visiting Teaching Supervisor or Relief Society Presidency will place a sticker of Relief Society seal as a remark of a good job.

5.) If they were able to do this in three months, we will gave them a gift or reward just like the young women. Gift can be decided by your ward. In our ward, we have decided to gave the pendant or pin of Relief Society. For sister who can finish in one year, we will give a set of temple clothing for endowed and active. Their will be set of rules that has to be set with this program. And we are on the process of that. For the mean time, we wanted our sisters to be awaken and do visiting.

And I love Personal Progress! It has help me the woman my Heavenly Father wanted to be. Not yet perfect but ideal. It helps me develop character, attitude and behavior necessary to be a good woman, a good daughter of our Father in heaven. It has a process in the booklet that states,

"As you learn to accept and act upon the Young Women values in your life, you will form personal habits of prayer, scripture study, obedience to the commandments, and service to others. These daily personal habits will strengthen your faith in and testimony of Jesus Christ. They will also allow you to recognize and develop your unique gifts."

I testify it is true! I know that same in Relief Society, as we learn to accept and act upon the invitation to minister our Sisters, we will be a good disciple of Jesus Christ. We will be able to help them 
increase their faith and personal righteousness, 
strengthen their families and homes, 
and give relief.

I'll be sharing with you the file when it is ready! Thank you!

UPDATE: At last, I have finally completed this Visiting Teaching Progress downloadable.
You can now visit my ETSY SHOP and purchase this booklet for Visiting Teaching. 

I'm still learning to do this Etsy shop thing. Please bear with me. Their are requests that I received about putting this in Etsy. It took me a lot of time to do this and finally I'm doing it little by little.


Gloria Tuimauga said…
This is a great idea when will you have a downloadable file? I don't mind paying
MuaHRiLou said…
hi Gloria! Thank you for being interested of my blog.
The downloadable file will come late because I'm still make changes. I would like to make it ready when downloaded it will be easy for all to print out. I had hard time printing it and assembling. I don't want you to experience the same. :-)

As soon as I fix it, it will be posted right away.

Thank you so much!

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