Treats Ideas

CHRISTMAS TREAT 2016: I found an inspiration from Pinterest after searching. I decided to pack a "Snowman Soup".
FATHER'S DAY CARD (2016) : I made this Father's Day card with message and a bonus biscuits... :-)

VALENTINES DAY FLOWER AND HEART CANDY (2016) : I found this store who sells heart candies and small handmade flowers that are so cute and were cheap. I decided to have this on Valentines Day.

EASTER EGG: My husband and nephew helped me design each of the cooked eggs for Easter Sunday treat for sisters in our ward.

VALENTINE FAN SIGN: We made something special during 2014 valentines day. We cut out big heart and took many pictures of us and these were the best out of them. After taking photos we edited pictures at and included our valentines message! 

MISSIONARY FAREWELL CARD: I made a card which everybody could write into their message for the missionary who was leaving. I printed his face, made a origami polo and pants. I pasted it on the card and draw the necktie, hands and the feet. It turns out really cute and funny. Oh how I love it. I just forgot to take photo before I gave it. 

RELIEF SOCIETY ANNIVERSARY 2015: I was assigned to make an invitation, program and decoration with a theme of missionary work. I used dress origami and shaded a small rectangle at the left chest to make it look like a missionary sisters.

CHRISTMAS TREAT 2015: I simply ordered oatmeal cookies and printed out labels.


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