The Family Prayer Rug

When I was in Taiwan, I attended the Relief Society Additional Meeting Daliao Ward, Kaohsiung County. I am so happy to met the Taiwanese Sisters there! They are talented, thoughtful, and sincere.
During the Sunday meeting of the Relief Society, two Sundays beforehand they've announced the activity already and informed us what materials we should bring. Some of the Sisters volunteered to bring the other materials because they have much that they need.

Everyone is so excited at that time. We occupied the whole cultural hall because a lot of Sisters attended. And they served a nutritious snacks and the other Sisters bring their own nutritious food

What I have noticed while they taught us to make this project was the STEP by STEP procedure. While everyone is excited, everyone follow the procedure step by step. No one is left behind. Everyone will listen to the teacher for the next step. So, the result was, the majority of the Sisters finished their Prayer Rug. Oh~~ I treasured that time I was there. I've learned so much from them.

The purpose of this activity is to remind and encourage Sisters to kneel down in PRAYER. It will also help teach the little children to pray. I don't have children yet but surely I will use this to teach my little ones. I feel it will be enjoyable to teach them something to remind them. For me too... I feel I'm a little child. :-)
I decided to share this with my new ward here in Cebu, Philippines. And I wanted to share this with other people too.


Cloth with your desired color and design
Pattern for the letters which you can download from HERE.
Fill-on or batting


A1 – 10 cm x 29 cm - 2 pcs. (seam allowance included on three sides)
            A2 – 10 cm x 70 cm - 2 pcs. (seam allowance included on one side)
            A3 – 29 cm x 54 cm - 1 pc. (seam allowance included on all sides)
            A4 – 70 cm x 45 cm - 1 pc. (no seam allowance needed for backing)


Print out you're the template in which you can download from HERE.
I used the font Ravie. You can customize the font as you desired.

Trace the letter into your desired color of cloth for the letters. I suggest using a different color for the letter to highlight it.

Cut out your letter. You don't need a seam allowance. 

Layout on the middle part of the rug to see what looks good. 
You can either overlap the letters and not. 
Iron them onto your background. Iron the letter with fill on/wrong side down, onto the right side of your background rectangle.
Using a blanket stitch, sew down the edges of the letters.
I suggest using black thread so that you could see the words highlighted 
with the blanket stitch.


Once all of the pieces of rectangles are cut, lay out the pieces in one big rectangle.

Piece together the middle row, pressing seams according to your preference. Piece together the top and bottom row.


Assemble your quilt sandwich using your backing rectangle, batting rectangle, and Prayer rug top. Baste and quilt. I used a light green thread for quilting and it turned out nicely.

Use pencil to make border lines on each letter and use running stitch.

Diagonal grid with running stitch. I used a light green thread and comes out nicely.


Please check this BLOG for the binding tutorial. It is very well explained here.


Wash and dry. You may iron it again.

Here are some of the finished project of Sisters in my ward.

Sis. Jessica's Prayer Rug. She told me that she made this one and gave it to her special someone. Nice gift huh?
A Family Rug by Sister Blaise. She made this for her family. She made this very well. Good job!
Another project finished by Sis. Blaise. She told me that her daughter Sophie will take her Prayer rug every time they will have their family prayer.

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