Mother's Day Special: Fabric Brooch

          I keep on searching what would be a different gift I could make this coming Mother's Day. And finally, an inspiration overwhelmed me. Why not make a brooch? hmmm... This is interesting to do since, the brooch will highlight you! Highlight your beauty and will make you shine. :-)

             Enjoy! Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers in the world! :-)
             Just want to show you some of the brooch I have made... ENJOY!

If you want to make a brooch, I have made a  NEW pattern for you. You can download it right HERE.


Brooch Pattern (which you can download from here)
Woolen weight plaid or felt (thick fabric will have a best result)
pencil or pen
a piece of felt for the back of the pin
pins or hair clips
Glue gun with glue stick


1. Download template from here. Print. Use pencil or pen to trace the pattern onto the back of your fabric according to the number required. Cut out. 
Note: Don't worry about the edges, you can leave it as this way or you can burn edges using candle.
2. The largest flower will serve as the base. Take the 2nd largest flowers and fold it into quarter.

3. After folding into quarters, lay this onto the center of the largest flower and stitch it the center to hold it in place. And do the same for the other three 2nd largest flower.
4. The 3rd largest flower will have the same procedure, only that we will not lay it directly over the other so that will turn nicer.
5. Only one fold in half for the two smallest flowers. Lay them on the top center of your flower and stitch.

6. Attached pin onto the piece of wool or felt using your glue sticks. After that, have several stitches onto the back of your flower to attached the pin. And that's it! You are finished!

You can use it whatever you like! ENJOY!


Anonymous said…
Thank you for youre pattern
I'm gonna make one now and how it will look as beutiful as yours
MuaHRi said…
Thank you so much! I update this post because I found some mistake in it. Hope this will be helpful. thanks again!

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