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176th Relief Society Anniversary

This year's theme of our 176th Relief Society Anniversary celebration is Hawaiian. It went well.
All the sisters were beautiful and we in the Stake Presidency were so much grateful for the efforts made in doing their costumes and for the presentations they've prepared.

Here's what happened...

The whole participants.

Arlington Ward presentation

Labangon Ward presentation

Basak Ward presentation

Capitol Ward presentation

San Nicolas Ward presentation

I joined these sisters in my ward for our presentation.

I'm grateful for the sisters who helped teach the dance and helped make the DIY Moana Crown. We have been helping hands working on our costumes,

Here's how we did it;


You'll need (Quantity for 1 set):

4 pcs. - Construction Paper (Dark Green) 
1 pc. - Construction Paper (Yellow Green) 
Stapler and staple wire (you need a lot of staple wire)
adhesive tape (if you prefer, I'm comfortable with this.)
15 pcs. - Pink Fake Flowers, small
1 pc. - Fo…

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