Monday, November 7, 2016

General Conference Study Journal: Am I Good Enough? Will I Make It?

I haven't able to hear this talk at the Church during the conference but when I read and study it, I am reminded. It gives me peace in my heart and it answered the same question that I'm not sure of the answer before.

When I studied Nephi chapter nine of the Book of Mormon, Jacob explained very well the Plan of Salvation. Every time I studied it, I am always amazed. 

And that every time I also asked myself if I am able to make it to Celestial Kingdom with my husband and with my family. Am I able to face the Lord with all righteousness and not wickedness in full remembrance? I feel sad and doubted the answer if I try to ask through prayer and I tend not to be attentive to the promptings because I am afraid to know it. There is an answer but I ignore it.

The answer was, as long as I always repent sincerely, it will be forgotten by the Lord and I can make it there. I have that in mind as I ponder every day.  I am not so convince with the feeling and promptings.

Finally, this talk was a confirmation for me. Did I wait for confirmation? No, it was not like that. It was not intentional. I was in a process of pondering and asking, knocking, and continually receiving answers bits of pieces. And this answer is like a pizza pie, delivered in front of me, a big answer with a wide open eyes, mind and heart. J

Elder Cornish has counseled us.  
  • ·        We must stop comparing ourselves to others. If we must compare, let us compare how we were in the past to how we are today.
  • ·        The answer to the question is “Yes! You are going to be good enough” and “Yes, you are going to make it as long as you keep repenting and do not rationalize or rebel.” I think we must believe that we are going to make it.
  • ·        Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley said, “Brothers and sisters, all the Lord expects of us is to try, but you have to really try!”
  • ·        All we have to do to receive this heavenly help is to ask for it and then to act on the righteous promptings we receive. Atonement and grace of the Lord will help us in our journey.
  • ·        The great news is that if we have sincerely repented, our former sins will not keep us from being exalted. Really a great news!

And this is the most that I wanted to liken…

“I witness to you that if you will really try and will not rationalize or rebel—
repenting often and pleading for the grace, or help, of Christ—you positively
are going to be “good enough,” that is, acceptable before the Lord; you are
going to make it to the celestial kingdom, being perfect in Christ; and you are
going to receive the blessings and glory and joy that God desires for each of

His precious children—including specifically you and me.”

I'm sharing with you my study journal page for this talk. You can use it for personal study and if you're going to give a lesson. 

Sunday, October 30, 2016

My Jacob 5 Study Journal

I'm so much excited to share you "My Jacob 5 Study Journal". I was stuck with Jacob 5 for the whole month of October. I wanted to move forward. Their are still a lots of thoughts in my head that I cannot organize properly because I become dizzy every time I try to put them in order. I don't know if you have this experience. I hope you have so that I can ask for advice. :-)

Anyway, yesterday was my last day of Jacob 5. I have to move on with Jacob 6. And in my journal, I wrote down that I hope and pray the spirit will lead me back to this chapter when I am ready and when I don't get dizzy. :-)

So... here it is...

1st Scene

2nd Scene

3rd Scene

This was the conversation of the Servant and the Lord of the Vineyard from my previous page. 

After the conversation.... they have planning... 

And finally, they do their planning for the last time..

The result of their labor.

As I have studied this chapter, I searched from the internet about Olive Tree. How it grows, Why it was planted in a vineyard and more bits of pieces about olive tree. Their is a lot to be discovered and so many things uncovered for me little by little. 

I hope that this could help you study Jacob 5. My personal thoughts are in my study journal. I hope I could share it with you also.. I'm grateful for other members of the church that share their thoughts. It helps me open my mind to different perspective and learning. A different view on how great the LOVE of our Lord and Heavenly Father for us! 

You may improve this illustrations with your own study journal. Let me know if I have missed something, where I have mistaken or may just let me know your thoughts and testimony of this chapter. I would love to hear that!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Wedding Invitation in a RUSH!

My co-worker announced that she will be married with her long time boyfriend. She announced to us on Monday and her wedding will be on next week Tuesday. She will be married in their province so she will go home on Friday night. 

On Friday, I ask her, "Where's my invitation? I thought you are inviting us.." And she said, it's not yet done. Huh? I feel worry. I asked why? What are your plans? How would you do that? She told me that she bought a wonderful card stock with scent. It was really nice but the problem was she typed in the wedding invitation in Microsoft Word and she planned to printed it out, cut and paste, then fold. That's it!

I feel sad how she is going to do that... I asked her if she would allow me help her do her wedding invitation. She was hesitant but I really insisted because I wanted her to feel special during her wedding. It makes me feel sad to imagine that she has not able to fix her invitation yet and when she goes home she will be much pressured and worried. 

I told her that I this is the thing that I love to do... She was shy to say YES! So, I searched the google. Google is really GREAT! I asked her to choose which DIY Wedding Invitation she feels she would like it and feels comfortable with. She have not thought that their was a lot of DIY Wedding Invitation in Google. I introduced her with Google that night. And she was very happy! :-) Thanks Google! And A BIG THANK YOU for all the GENEROUS BLOGGERS WHO SHARES THEIR TALENTS AND KNOWLEDGE. YOU HAVE HELPED US SOOO BIG!

We just followed the instruction but we have some small revisions.

1.) Print the free template and cut. Patterned it to our chosen card stock then cut. 

2.) Measure the square in the middle where the information is located. 

3.) Open Microsoft Word, insert text box. Change size of text box from the measurement we get.

4.) Freely design what we wanted inside the text box and all the information we want to show.

5.) Print in Parchment Paper. Cut and Punch Holes for ribbon attachment inside.

6.) Fold to close and final with ribbon bow.

WHAT I LEARNED with this experience... I feel reminded that my favorite thing to do could be a help to someone else. What help we can offer to others could touch their lives, feel them happy and have relief. I, too, for myself, I was reminded again of the good feelings in my heart in sharing good things to others especially how thankful they are and how they appreciate it. It really feels good to share! 

I also learned that I HAVE TO BUY OR USE SCORING TOOL. We had funny moments doing this invitation. The card cracked and we find ways how to solve it. What we did was slice a bit in the corners we need to fold. But it is still not good. After this, was the time I've learned I should have scoring tool or that BONE FOLDER thing... I would definitely will buy that one! and more invitations and card making soon! Congratulations to my friend and co-worker!

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