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AUGUST 2017 Relief Society Activity

Purpose: To encourage sister ask right questions when visiting their assigned sisters.

LESSON: I shared this Visiting Teaching handout I found at Pinterest and focus on questions visiting teachers can ask. Sometimes or most of the times we forgot that the main purpose of our visit it to know the need of sister whether it be temporal, emotional and about gospel principles. But often hear on their temporal needs. 

During the discussions, we were able to find out that sisters has a lot of questions about temple and also we were able to discuss about ways that we cannot offend sisters when we visit. Like we should not see what's in their house, whether they have television or not. Things like that. 

After our discussions, we had a simple game. I saw this at Pinterest. Speed Friendshipping games. I saw all the review was really fun and I decided to use this game in this activity and it turn out really fun and enjoyable for all! :-)


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