Wednesday, February 15, 2017

My New Calling!

Surprisingly, I was called as Relief Society President again in our ward. When the Bishop interviewed me, almost 2 months ago, I did not accept it as I were going to ask my husband for counsel and his decision. And his counsel was, No. And I wonder why he said that. His answer was because I was too busy for the church activity that I could hardly do my responsibilities at home. My reason was I am afraid that would happen again and also my relationship with him with get rough again.

I am the 1st counselor of Relief Society in our Stake, so, this surprise me when the Bishop asked me if I'm willing to serve for the ward since I am not busy at Stake. I just thought that I could not go down for calling. And I was wrong. Deep in my heart I am willing to serve. 

I was hesitant because I don't want to feel stressed and pressured again. 
But Bishop said, learn to delegate responsibility. Okay. 

I worry too much that the sisters might judge me of accepting the calling. 
Bishop said, he prayed for how many weeks, and he is inspired that I should be called. It means, it is the Lord that calls me. Okay. 

I was confused whether to stay in two callings or not. Bishop said it is up to me if I can handle both. Okay. But I finally have answer with this. I will choose to serve in our ward. Because I will be able to share a lot of things instead when I'm in the Stake. Okay. 

Finally, last Sunday, I was sustained. It was scary for me because the process was not really right. I was afraid somebody from the Stake will opposed. But, surprisingly, no one did. (sigh)

Supposedly, here's the technicality, the Bishop when inspired to call someone from the Stake, he should go to the Stake President to talk about his plan and everything will follow if the Stake President approves. In my case, it did not happened that way. But anyway, last Sunday, everything was discussed and settled. I felt relieved. And last Sunday's lesson was being optimistic. I was really worried, afraid and scared. The lesson helps me feel calm and I decided to set aside those negative thoughts. 

I don't know the reasons why I'm back. Maybe I over think of the reasons.
But I just want to have a thought to be grateful instead that I could be better than I was before. Be grateful for another chance that I could do the things that I missed out before. To be more concern of the welfare of the Sisters than I felt before. And really have another chance to learn more about being a Relief Society President. (which I'm going to share it here with you..) And being grateful for the new inspiration that the Lord will give me for the ward's Relief Society Sisters. And learn how to manage time wisely than I did before. 

Bishop said that I'm strong. But I think I'm not. I'm not without God with me.

I'm reminded with my favorite scripture in 

Moroni 7:33
And Christ hath said: If ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me.

I'm grateful with so many new experiences that is going on with me now. Like, we are moving to a new house. My brother has his 1st baby girl, my mom just had a successful operation, our house at the province needs legal papers to finally own it, my co-workers are doing a great job, we have a new dog, I have started my vegetable garden, and so many countless blessings that I should not be afraid of. Why I'm afraid of such blessings? I should not be, right?
And thanks to this blog...
Thank you for visiting my blog!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Dinner Discussions

My new goal for this year is to have a Dinner Discussions with family, missionaries and friends. Our first experience was during our Christmas Dinner with the missionaries. It was a success and memorable. One of the missionaries said it was also a reflection night. We talked about Christmas. I made games and questions about it. And discussions were amazing! Just like what we had last new year. I decided to have New Year's Eve Reflection Game from the Dating Divas. 
I chose to have this as one of my goals because I wanted to start this as a family tradition. I feel that good gospel conversation or even personal discussion is important in the family and as well with friends.

How does it works with me?

Here's how I do it. 

Their are two things that I do.
First, how many of my family are at home for dinner. Or if I wanted to invite friends, I only limit to 4 persons. Just like the missionaries in our ward, we have 4 of them. You probably ask why? Because 4 plus us is only we can accommodate in our table, budget, time, and I don't want to be pressure. :-) Also, I intend that this would be a good conversation and discussion where everyone can say their thoughts and feelings. If I invite more, it think it's more of a party.
Second, schedule the date and time. For my family it is easy. What I did with friends, I invite them one month ahead. For me to have time to think what topic, food, and setting I wanted to create when they come. Also, this could help them adjust with their schedule as well. 

I always choose to gather at the dining table. In our new house (I will make separate post about that soon.) I consider designing our dining which promote discussions and good conversation. It is where I always imagine that we gather and bond together. 

When family or friends gather at the table, their are two scenarios. It's either they started the conversation with so many topic, the dangerous when started gossiping or did not even know what to talk about, when they are quite. So, while my husband and I are preparing the food, I prepare an activity placemat.

Activity Placemat
This depends on topic that I chose. It is actually a paper placemat 
where there are puzzles, quotes and games. So, while we are preparing for food, 
they are going to answer the games that I chose. This serve as preparatory for 
the discussion later. There are words related to the main topic. I give them simple "how to".
I would give them a cue that after they answer the puzzles, whoever the first to be done will be the one to pray. Having a prayer is really important they we will be guided by the Spirit and our discussion will be blessed with lessons, learning's and inspirations.
Dinner Time
It is eating time. We talk less when eating. Let's give time to savor the food. :-)
I wait that everyone is done with their food. Dessert will be served. And announce that we will have a little bit of game on the table. It does not need to transfer or to stand. Just at the table. It could be charades, guessing games, matching games and more possibilities at Pinterest. :-) The game should not also bring so much excitement but should be fun but not loud. 
After the game, dish out the plates and clean the table. It's now time for the discussions.    
I have mason jar with questions in rolled paper on it. I prepare only 10 questions and allow only 4 to 6 questions to be drawn out to control time. Each should draw 1 rolled paper from mason jar altogether. We open the paper so that we can think of our own answer. There is no numbering. Allow who wants to go first. The question will be read and allow all who are at the table to answer the question. The one who get the question will be the last to answer. 
Make each of their turn to read the questions and allow everyone to answer.
Closing Prayer
End with prayer for thankfulness and ask for blessings.  

For this coming February, my husband and I invited 2 couples for Dinner Discussion. Our topic would be about LOVE. Here is an activity placemat that I made. You can use this also. If you want to revised please comment below. I would be glad to send you editable copy.  I got the LOVE puzzleS from PINTEREST. I'll be using the matching game from CREATIONS FROM KARA.

And I'll update you soon after what happened to our dinner discussions.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

2016 Christmas Activities

I had enough time to plan for our Christmas activities at home in spite of my busy schedule. I'm grateful that God allow me and helped me with my preparations. I would like to share with you all!

I bought gifts for different group of friends. And the buying time was just so quickly and I was really pondering what should I give. I'm really grateful for all the inspirations that I received.


We were three sisters assigned to prepare gifts for all the adult sisters in our church. We have this organization called Relief Society. After discussion with the other two sisters, we decided that each of us will prepare 20 simple gifts. For a total of 60 gifts. surely all the adult sisters including the visitors will have something to receive.

These were the things that I bought for gifts. I'm sad that I forgot to take photos after I wrap each gifts. But anyway, hope this will give you an idea. :-)

Exchange Gift Game

Before the Ward Christmas Party program ends, we requested all the sisters form in a circle. Each sisters will choose one gift from the 60 gifts that we prepared. We included ourselves and choose some one to facilitate.

The facilitator instructed us to pass the gift counterclockwise. The facilitator will decide when to say stop and will tell us again to pass the gift clockwise. This time the facilitator will count from  1 up to when he decided to stop. This time when he say stop, the gift that pass to you will be the gift for you.

The result was exciting and a little fun. I've realized that each sisters choose the best gift they think or the big gift they want. But I was smiling because they thought that would be final gift for themselves. They were wrong. I was pondering the result because as they finally receive the gift landed for them, they all exclaim the what they received was exactly right and what they needed. I felt something a little magical at moment. :-)


I was also assigned to prepare prizes for the children's game. I bought this items and pack into party bags. As usual I forgot to take pictures when I was done because I was in a hurry always. :-)


In our company, we have prepared something for our workers and laborers. I have been so grateful for suppliers who really have extended much for this giving gifts program during our Christmas party. I salute their generous heart.

The gift became more than enough because of our boss generosity and our supplier and sub-con. Really heart warming! I'm so much grateful.

Each gift was numbered on the day of our Christmas party. It was displayed near the food. We prepared rolled paper with number on it. After the games, we asked them to pick one paper and after all have picked their numbers, we call on randomly each numbers. They come in front to get their gifts.

With this experience, no matter how bad we feel with workers and laborers with their performances, I think they also have to receive gifts. We learn constant forgiveness of their mistakes and also with ourselves. Their is no place for greediness, hard heart and ungratefulness during Christmas or even not Christmas season. Truly, this is the message of this season, to give with a grateful heart and be a grateful receiver!


Christmas fall on Sunday. It was a best time to give away simple treats! After much time searching on Pinterest, finally I came a decision to choose this treat. I gave this for Relief Society Sisters for our ward. Our Sunday service was combined with other wards. No other classes. Only Sacrament meeting.


I decided not to give gifts on Christmas eve. This time I feel to have our exchanging gift on Christmas day after lunch. I told them in advance what are my plans.

In the morning, we prepare and cook. Afterwards, we have our lunch. We had a simple game. I chose Christmas charades. I thought my family will not cooperate but I prayed in my heart and keep myself happy and positive. We enjoyed our Christmas charades game.

Next was the exchanging gifts which my nephew was excited about. Every one opened their gifts and mine also. They were all surprised and happy. I'm also happy to see them happy.

One thing our family really can't say was to say thank you. I think they are shy but I know they are thankful. You know if we are not used to say, then we courageously say it, we feels something in our heart. I don't know maybe they don't want to be emotional or something. Anyway, to see them happy, makes me happy. It was simple gathering but really remarkable. I wanted to do this next year again. :-)


I know missionaries are busy. So, early December I already made an appointment with them to have Christmas dinner with us.
We had simple dinner.


Make your own burger

When they arrived at 6:00 pm, I let them answer the Christmas puzzle using this Christmas place mat which I edited. I got this from this great blogger, INKABLINKA.

They were answering while my husband at the back finishing his burgers. :-) Thanks to you husband!

Okay. After that, we had a prayer. They started eating and talking. After awhile, we had Christmas charades and eating.

After the charades, we do ANSWER THE QUESTIONS about Christmas. Questions were:

What is your favorite Christmas Song? Why?

What is your unforgettable Christmas experience?

What is the true meaning of Christmas?

Are we a grateful receiver of gifts especially from God?

I've learn much from their answers. I was surprised. My heart was full. Really had a great time with them.

Here are some of the answers that I like:

What is your favorite Christmas Song? Why? -> My hubby's answer was Silent Night. Elder Morris explained that this was sung during a war. When the Germans sung this song the war stops and altogether with French and Americans sung the song.

What is your unforgettable Christmas experience? -> We became emotional because half of us has good memories and the other has no unforgettable memories. I've realized that the most memorable memories are when family do something special altogether. I think either of the memories, we will be emotional.

What is the true meaning of Christmas? -> I think all of us agreed that true meaning of Christmas is by giving, sharing, caring and loving to our family and to those who needs without having a thought in return. Those shared experiences were really touching.

Are we a grateful receiver of gifts especially from God? -> I shared Luke 17: 11-19. This was really my pondering for Christmas. I thank God but I want to thank Him more often and all the little things that I miss to thank Him.

Elder Espiritu had the final words for closing, but before that he ask me and my husband to say something for each other that we wanted to let each other know. It made me cry because I was touched what my husband has said. I know he was shy. And his message with his emotional voice really touched my heart. I realized we haven't talked like that for many months already. I haven't realized how he feels for me from deep of his heart.

I wanted to continue this kind of gathering because I learn how my family feels and others too!

It ended well! Merry Christmas to all!

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