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Stake Relief Society 2017 Visiting Teaching Convention

Everybody is quite excited for visiting teaching convention. This year's theme is service. We were tasked to prepare a presentation that would give a message of service.

It was quite hard. Something popped up in my mind to use "The Coconut Song" which was trending in YouTube lately. I thought this could be fun. Okay.

But the day is approaching, I felt it hard to relate the song to service. I still can't think of something. I prayed about it in the morning after my scripture study. At the office I downloaded the song. Played it many times. I pretended I just enjoyed the song but actually I was trying hard to understand the lyrics. That night, upon pondering, some inspiration came. The inspiration was, THE SONG TELLS US THAT THE COCONUT HAS MANY USES FOR FOOD AND FOR SHELTER. hmmmm... Okay... Next question I had was, okay, how could this be in relation with service. Suddenly, it was like a big pizza arrived at the door step, I thought we could act the situation of som…

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