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Visiting Teacher Progress

I personally wanted to improve our Visiting Teaching in our ward. I feel that sisters were not excited to do visiting and it is really hard for us to report how many were visited. I don't know what happened that only few were able to do this responsibility.

I have in mind something exciting but I first consult my counselors together with our secretary. I asked them this question, What we could do to encourage our sisters do visiting teaching? and What we could do something different about visiting teaching that they will be surprise about ?
I introduce to them my plan. I have been thinking this for quite some time now. I first asked counsel from our Bishop if this would be okay. I'm happy that some improvement and it's okay! I'm excited to do the work and finally I'm going to share this with you also. 
Inspired by the Young Women Personal Progress, we are going to make a

Their were so many thoughts coming inside my mind on how would I titl…

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