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JUNE 2017 Relief Society Activity

Purpose: To introduce new way of storing for 72 hours kit.
Lesson: We were inspired to have this activity. We thought that our common problems with our food for our kit is that we often forget the expiration date of food items because we store our kit inside the cabinet or where we do not often see it. We thought that we should see it often. Easy access and easy to see what's in there.

Recycling water bottle is not new. Actually their are lots of it in YouTube. We decided to make an zippered water bottle where we could put inside food items for our 72 hours kit. We could hang it or put it aside near the table where we can see it more often. And consume those that are nearly be expired.

Preparations: At home we have a lots of empty water bottle because my brother used to buy this for his baby. So, I brought some and we also bought at a local market here at Tabo-an, Cebu. They sell this water bottle for 10 pesos. It's very dusty. We…

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