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FEBRUARY 2018 Relief Society Activity

"Promise Proposal Activity"
Purpose: To encourage sisters express their love for their husband.
Lesson: We had a video showing about expressing love by Elder Scott. This is really a nice video. Most Filipinos are not so expressive and showy. They find it awkward. I considered myself to be one of those before but now that I'm learning the gospel of Jesus Christ, I realized that I should be expressive of my love to my family and husband. It is really hard to initiate the moves but I can see myself doing it little by little, it helps me change.

We had a discussion of what we can learn from the video. I personally love Elder Scott. I can feel he loves his wife so dearly. His wife is also creative in expressing her love for his husband. 

What I got from the video is that, we can make wonderful memories with our spouses. I mean, positive, joyful and sweet memories. The Holy Ghost will tells us different ways for us to express our love for our spouses. 

For me, I made a "Date J…

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