Father's Day: Polo Shirt with Necktie Origami

My husband received this polo shirt origami from his mission (left  side picture). A young lady gave this to him and wrote her message inside the card. I thought that this is a
good idea because my husband really kept it for many years inside his scripture. :-) My husband thought that this was a nice gift and he might make one in the future that’s why he kept this.

Last Father’s Day, I chose this craft as part of our Relief Society Homemaking Activity. I made my own version of this card with an origami necktie and chose a nice paper. The paper I used is a gift wrapper because it is shiny, attractive and the quality of paper is good. It really looks beautiful!

Here's the tutorial: 
Collect the paper design you like to use. I use a wrapping paper and cut into 8 pieces.

 And now this is the size of paper I'm going to use.
Fold in half.

 Fold in the middle. Crease.
 Fold the lower corners.

 It would look like this.
 Fold about 1".
 Fold in the middle and insert the lower part to the neckline.
Tutorial for NECKTIE.                                                                                                                   

If you finished to make the tie, paste it on the polo shirt. Ta dah! It looks so cuteeee!!!
And made a lot of those and also the rest of the Relief Society Sisters. On Sunday, the youth (and I.. ) waited at the door for the fathers to enter into the sacrament hall. We put the cards on their left chest using a double sided tape. It looks good to them and I feel they felt happy that they are fathers highly appreciated!

As I have promised, now I'm showing you the video how to make this simple gift for father. Hope it is very helpful to you! Thank you for viewing! :-)


Denise said…
could you please say more details? I'm making this for my dad, for his birthday, please? I know this is old.
MuaHRi said…
I think u can watch a video in youtube on how to
Make this.but I will update this post for more detail.thank you!

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