There is some "THING" about Temple Meeting

Today we had our Relief Society Meeting about Temple. I prepared the meeting using the message of Pres. Thomas S. Monson in October issue of Liahona. 

This is how it goes...

Lesson can be found here. 

Temple Cake was made by Sister Yoyit. I think she is talented sister. I commend her sacrifice made for making this cake for our activity.

In this cake their is, Temple Cake Message. The messages are from Pres. Thomas S. Monson's message in October issue of Liahona in titled "Blessing of the Temple". The messages are secretly wrapped into the strings of the flower icing and then inserted at the corners of our Temple Cake.

The activity turns out well today. I hope that everyone identifies the blessings they receive from the Temple. I'm grateful of their presence and their testimony about the temple. They are so great! They have so much faith! Thank you so much for such a good example. Thank you so much for more inspiration! :-)

See you next meeting!


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