Christmas in a Box Giveaways

And so it is Christmas...

I was so excited as I got the inspiration to make a gift for Sisters on Christmas Day. The idea was to make a Christmas gift and give it to sisters but during the meeting everyone will wrap it as creative and as beautiful as they can. They will wait to open the gift on Christmas Eve.

I'm thankful for my husband's idea on helping me in this activity. And also, I'm thankful for the help of Relief Society Presidency for the idea of what items we will put inside the  box.

This activity is to sustain the purpose of Relief Society which is to strengthen families and homes, personal righteousness and helping others.

We had a lot of preparations in this activity. You can download the program and instruction in here and here or ALL in HERE.

Here's our Relief Society Video...

On the other hand,we had farewell party for the four sisters who have been a BIG help in San Nicolas Ward, and are going to transfer to their new home. We are so much grateful for them and we'll miss them too.

I hope and pray that during the Christmas Eve, every sisters will open their gifts with light of Christ. I hope they will enjoy the gifts we have prepared for them and experience a Christ-Centered Christmas Celebration with their families. 

Thank you! 

UPDATED! 12.26.2010

We use this nativity picture for the gift.Which is found in here. 

Today at Relief Society Meeting at Church, I heard stories of the Christmas in a Box experiences of the Sisters. I like them I too feel so much joy that for a few minutes we gathered our family and talk about the most precious gift we have. 

One sister said that this was the most beautiful gift she received because she has been pondering to teach her children the true meaning of Christmas. And when they opened the gift it was just right for their need. 

Another sister shared that they rushed to open the gift because it was almost 12midnight. (like a Cinderella.. hehehe..) As they open the gift, they continued to do it even if the father did not join. I was touched as I imagined when her sons and daughter shared their thoughts about Christmas. Sister said that the older ones really understand what Christmas means but although in young ones they still appreciate Christmas. I feel the joy that this sister felt especially when she was able to talk to his son serving in a mission.

I feel peace in my heart. I know that every sisters are excited to share their stories. It's nice to hear that children are eager to do and to participate. Oh.. I wanted to hear more stories about their experiences. 

My husband said that I kill my own self because I know what's inside the gift. I told him it's okay. I asked him to open the gift and we try to solve the puzzle and the fun stuff. Then he read the Christmas Story. What I like is we shared our thoughts and feelings about the birth of Jesus Christ. I like what he has shared to me. 

Thank you so much for sharing and for doing what the Lord wants us to do!


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