My Scripture Journal

I started reading scripture (Bible) when I was in the state of confusion and curiosity. That time I heard so many opinions about the Bible and Jesus Christ. I had a question in my mind, what is really the truth because I have not read the Bible also. I don't have idea what they are talking about. Until I find time to read the Bible. I even read it in my dialect, waray-waray, just to understand it very well. :-) I thought that I could not make any writings or any highlights on my scripture because everyone tells me that this book is holy. I took care of it. And even kept it. My mind was filled with thoughts to ponder. And these pondering, praying and searching has lead me to truth. And the truth I found when I joined in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I've learned that if I study the scripture I will be blessed with wisdom and knowledge which I can apply to my life and that's make the scripture to be holy because it is associated with divine power to change me as I pray, study, search, ponder and act upon it in my own life.

I read the Bible. Make mark on it. Understand and pray for it. Even though I have not finish the entire Bible to read it is such a wonderful feeling that I have learned something about my Savior. And I'm thankful that I have gain my testimony of my Redeemer and Savior Jesus Christ.

I know I must read the Book of Mormon. I always stumble and fall. I don't want to say why because their are lots of whys.. :) I've tried Institute of Religion to persuade me but failed also. I already have so many INC grades there! I read a quotation which says, Every excuse made is a choice to fail. I thought that I could overcome it. Until I went to Taiwan that I started to make it a daily habit. I am so thankful for that experience. It is so difficult to overcome laziness but we can do it. I enrolled again in the Institute of Religion online. They sent all the assignments to me. but oh. oh. I did not finish all the home works but I was able to have my Scripture Reading Journal. I was able to established a system for reading and studying the scripture more carefully and diligently. I'm so thankful for the knowledge I've learned and it is still because of the Institute of Religion that persuade me to study. I'm thankful. It is wonderful experience. 

Here's some of the photos showing how I did my Scripture Journal.
I used this label to mark every chapter of Book of Mormon. But I noticed this is not a good one. I do not recommend this one. I just show you how it look like.
I highlighted the verse and phrase I like and write (in difference color) the phrase that is important to me.
Showing you another way of my reading and writing.
My study on Ether.
My study of Lehi's Vision. As I read the Book of Mormon, my imagination and noodle is tested. Bro. Jared's boat was the most interesting that I used the children book to imagine how the boat look like.

I'm not good in English. I always look up the dictionary for the words not so familiar to me. And it impress me always that words that are not familiar to me gives me more understanding as I check the dictionary.
In the scripture there are so many comparison being describe. And it is by comparing that we can learn and understand more.
My study in 4 Nephi.
I've learn from Nephi the things we should write in our journals.

There are so many things that I have to improve in my Scripture Journal.

And just lately, what an inspiring woman from theredheadedhostess shares her scripture journal. I feel her journal is excellent! I like it so much and inspired me so much! I feel that she help me to become spiritually organize. I wanted to follow her example. It makes me feel excited!

If you are looking for an inspiration, visit her scripture journal quotes and tips!

I bought a Journal from the Local Distribution Center and follow her Scripture Journal Set-up Instruction. Oh.. I was being careful in writing. :-)
This one is Php 300.00 Hardbound. Gives me a 202 pages back to back.
I wrote my favorite scripture.
I wrote all the topics.
On page 3, I include the Scripture Journal Set-up Instruction from theredheadedhostess.
If my family want to make this journal, it would be easy for them. Thanks to theredheadedhostess.
One of the talks given by Julie B. Beck, General Relief Society President, that inspired me so much is "My Soul Delighted in the Scriptures",Ensign, May 2004.

Truly, my soul delighted in the scriptures and as I study, pray, ponder and act upon the things we have learn our life will be blessed and we will have greater influence of good for our family and home.


Shannon said…
This is just wonderful! Thank you so much for showing me! It makes me feel so good that others are benefiting from something that has effected me so much. It looks great!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
This is really a great example to those writing their journal. Very inspiring to make a intimate communication with our Lord in our journey.This would really help a big as a guide and sample for making such thing.Thanks for this blog.
MuaHRi said…
Thank you so much to you! You inspires me a lot. And this is truly a great treasure to keep!
~yolanda said…
Very nice journal. Gives me some tips to improve mine. Thanks for sharing.

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