Flower Brooch

Sisters are like flowers.
Flower made by Sis. Marijo Nolasco
Flowers have evolved to be attractive, beautiful, useful, love, compassionate
and unique in every kind.
It is amazing to know that the biological function of a flower is to effect reproduction.
Sisters are made attractive and beautiful for a great purpose.  
Sisters are resourceful to organize, prepare and care for the needs of her family, friends and neighbor and for herself.
Sisters are loving and compassionate.
And they are unique individuals. They have of great worth and value.

On Mother's Day, we gave away flower brooch for all the Sisters in San Nicolas Ward. I am so happy and grateful for the support and love that the R.S. Presidency has showed to me. I'm grateful to have make the sisters smile and shine. 

Here is the tutorial.

-scrap of synthetic fabric (will have best result when you burn the edge)
 -beads (matching color)
-hair clips or pins


1. You can make your own pattern of circles depending on how big you want to make and trace it on your synthetic fabric and cut. You can make a minimum of 8 pieces from biggest circle to smallest. But if you want it more fluffy and bulky you can add mor. I think it looks more realistic and depends on the color you like. Maroon color will look like a ros.

2. Carefully burn the edges for the pieces of fabric. Burning it with the design you want will give more effect.

 3. The biggest will be the base and lay all the pieces on the top from the biggest to smallest. On the center, have some stictches to hold the petals as one.

 4. Insert the bead you like into the center before you final the stictch. And make your to secure the bead with few loops of thread and final sticth at the back.

5. I used this kind of hair clips. But you can use headbands, pins and other tools intended for your use.

6. I apply hot glue on the surface of the hairclip and attached at the back of the flower. Intentionally place the clip on the end thread so that it will not be seen.

7. You are done! Actually, you can use this as brooch, hair clip, design on your dress and other possibilities. Every one has the power to CREATE!



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