Zion, City of Our God

As I started to fulfill my scripture journal, I felt an inspiration to study about Zion.
With the help of theredheadhostess in her study on Zion I was able to understand and received further knowledge and learn of the topic.
Before starting to get deeper on the topic, I write down my questions regarding Zion and some questions I got from theredheadedhostess. Some of the questions are these...

What is Zion?

How does a place and a people becomes Zion?

Where will Zion be?

What will Zion be called?

Who lives in Zion?

When will Zion be built?

Who will built Zion?

What happens to thos who try to fight against Zion?

How can I help build Zion?

What are the promises about the future Zion?

I realized that only if we have PURE IN HEART, a Zion will be build. One of the symbols that really have most important to me is the HEART because it has been mentioned many times in the scriptures. The Lord knows our heart and he require us that we should love him with all our HEART and to treasure the things of the Lord for our HEART will be there also. As I study about Zion, I realized that if we follow the Lord to have a pure heart we are actually developing Zion within our self, family, ward, stakes and world. As I imagine it, everyone is loving and caring to each other. How wonderful that would be!

Last May 17, 2011, my husband and I went to the temple and we have attended the session for endowment. I am so grateful for the temple and also for the covenants we have made there to the Lord. There are blessings in the temple that we receive unnoticeably. When we went to the temple, I wanted to be attentive to the covenants I have made but I always forget some of those. I was then surprised for one of the covenants I have made inside was to help build the kingdom of God and building up of Zion here on earth. I have covenanted with the Lord to help build the kingdom with earnest endeavor, to help the needy and strengthen the weak. Oh~~ and I so understand now the Hymn "As Sisters in Zion". My mind is imagining how it is like if everyone is working with the same HEART to help and is united to build the kingdom of God here on earth. 

 I would consider this family to UNITED because they "wear the same color of clothes every Sunday." No miss. Every Sunday. One day, I was able to asked one of the children of this family. At first, he thought that it is required in the church to wear the same color of clothes. He then realized that it is not a requirement but their family's tradition. He felt that he don't want to do like his family do every Sunday but he will be the only one to be different. I know it will be hard for the children especially the young women and young men at first but I don't want to say "TO GET USE TO IT" but rather it is a sense of UNITY in their family. It is accepting not only for their own but also for other member of the family, for being one, having one heart and one mind. I commend the parents who really have tried so hard in uniting their family.

I like the Jubilee Song of the church, UNITED. I'm thankful that I was able to joined the choir. And this is really a timing moment for me. As we are singing repeatedly, I realize that the song refers to us about Zion, one in heart and mind. The message of the song is telling me that before I was stranger and trying to be strong but when the light shines brightly within me my doubts burned away and I begin to see. To be united with other saints in the Philippines, I have to share and bring to every soul the light I received. And whatever trials I will be facing, I should fight with the faith to God so we can become united having one heart and one mind.

As I ponder, and examine myself, I am not still Zion but is striving to be one. It is so hard but at least we are striving the best we could.

"If we but hold on faithful to the end, we should become UNITED!"


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