Basic Crochet

Last Saturday, the Relief Society additional meeting was to learn how to crochet and at the same time it was Sis. Montera's birthday.

I like this quotation from Pres. David O. McKay for our lesson on "Love of Work".
“Let us realize that the privilege to work is a gift, that the power to work is a blessing, that the love of work is success” (Pathways to Happiness [1957], 381).

What I have learned from our meeting?

I am happy to know that you only need two things to crochet. The HOOK and the YARN.

We were taught by Sis. Marijo on how to read crochet symbols in patterns.

I've learned how to handle the hook and the yarn.

 I've realized that most of the sisters know how to crochet. How wonderful it is that someday all sisters will all together make a project for a great cause!
I'm thinking how about make a  blanket all together.

 Oh~~ It's Sis. Montera's birthday! Happy Birthday!

It is my first time to crochet. I'm thankful for the new skill I'm learning. I'm thankful for Sisters who share their talents especially for Sister Nolasco for this!

SHARING is LOVING and is one way of losing our selves!
At first, it's difficult to control the hook and the yarn but Sisters told me to practice making a long chain, chain, chain... I think it works! :-)

And look... I'm trying to make a cellphone cover.

 What I like about crochet that I realized is you can just leave it on a side and when your nothing to do, grab it and start stitching!

Here is what I've finished! But look it does not look fine but at least! :-)

Hope to have more project with crochet! 



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