Conference Talk Study

I like conference. I am excited to hear the words of the prophet and also the inspired talks of the apostles and other leaders of the church. I know the Holy Ghost are with them and inspired them to give the best talks we needed for our spirits.

During conference, I see to it to write down "phrases that STANDS OUT to me". I can not write more because the conference is continuous but with a short phrase I can remember that things that inspired me. You can also download the talks from the internet ( and in your home you can watch the talk again and again and when you write down the "phrases that STANDS OUT to you" you can pause the video. That is what I am doing. (*_*)

Here's another way that I've done lately that really helps me so much in my study.

During the Stake conference, I wrote the phrases that stands out to me from the talk of Elder Michael Teh in my notepad.
This is how it look like. Very limited.

I've searched in the internet to get the whole talk in written form but I did not find it because my keyword searching is not correct. If you want to search for the Stake conference talk from you type in the search engine "Philippines Area Conference" and you will be directed to the LDS Philippines website.

The good news is that the talk of Elder Teh was published in Liahona 
magazine July 2011 issue. This is a blessing.

I read it. Highlight the things that stand out to me and referred to the previous notes I had. It is the same. I clearly understand now and gives me more understanding.

I really learn so much as I study this talk again. I appreciate how he explain the importance of studying the scripture for us to be prepared spiritually. 

It makes me humble to know the warnings from the scripture if we became complacent of what we have learned. We should be humble and continue to press forward in the strait and narrow path that “came along by the rod of iron.”

This time, I got an index card.

I wrote down the things and phrases that STAND OUT to me the most. Don't forget to write the title and the person who give the talk and the date for future reference and study.

I learned new words in English which always gives me more understanding of what I am studying. Highlight and use other color of pen will give attraction of what you are studying.

After this, I pasted this into my SCRIPTURE JOURNAL. I'm so thankful for having a journal because I am able to organized the things I've learned from the scripture. I know how important it is and someday I want to give this to my children in the future. This is a treasure that I really give more importance than any treasures in the world.
I'm thankful for my husband because he is my good study companion. I like to learn something from him and to hear his thoughts and feelings. I'm thankful that the scripture made us united. 

President Spencer W. Kimball (1895-1985) said:
“I am convinced that each of us, at least some time in our lives, must discover the scriptures for ourselves and not just discover them once, but rediscover them again and again…Access to these things means responsibility for them.  We must study the scriptures according to the Lord’s commandment” 
(“How Rare a Possession,” Liahona, Dec. 1985; Ensign, Sept. 1976, 4).


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