The Parable of the Two Oyster

I found this good story about two oysters from this very prepared but not scared sister's BLOG.
She shares her wonderful Family Home Evening lessons and also she shares how to be organize at home and how to be prepared both spiritually and temporally. Hope you'll visit her blog because it is full of inspirations.

The Story of the Two Oysters

There were two oysters sitting at the waters edge. 
As the waves rolled in they were tossed about,
each getting a little bit of sand inside of their hard shells.
The first oyster didn't like being out in the open and
vulnerable to the dangers of the beach so she quickly found a
safe place nestled in the sand and the rocks.
The other oyster was curious and wanted to see what
was on the beach.
She knew of the dangers, but chose to go anyway.
It didn't take long for a passer-by to pick her up and attempt
to open her shell.  Her shell was pretty thick,
so it didn't really bother her.
Or so she thought . . .
After several unsuccessful attempts, the passer-by
gave up and threw the chipped and damaged
oyster back onto the beach.
The oyster noticed that she couldn't close her shell
as tightly as she could before and that it was
harder for her to keep the sand from getting into her shell.
The more time she spent on the shore, the more
damaged and hurt she became.
She had forgotten to follow the rules.
Meanwhile . . .
The other oyster was staying close to the safety of the rocks,
working hard to soften the edges of the rough piece
of sand hidden inside . . .
which proved to be a little bit of a challenge.
Sometimes she thought it would just be easier to go
to the shore and open herself up to get rid of the piece of sand,
after all that's what the other oysters were doing . . .
but then she remembered the rules and guidelines
she had been taught from the time she was little.
She knew that the best way to stay healthy and happy would be
to keep herself as pure as possible. 
She worked very hard to keep her shell clean and pure.
Sadly, the first oyster could no longer keep the dirt and debris
from coming into her shell. 
She became so full of sand, that she dried right up.
The second oyster enjoyed the blessing of following the rules.
She was careful in her choices and made sure to never open
herself up to the heartache of impurity.
She kept the rules and enjoyed the blessings of being obedient.
Because this oyster chose to keep to her standards
and to remain pure
she was blessed with the greatest and most beautiful gift.
A Pearl.
Both of the oysters had gotten a piece of sand in their shell.
Both had the opportunity to be blessed with the gift of a beautiful pearl.
What was the difference?
So how does this story apply to us?
What standards do we need to follow in order to be healthy and happy?
How can we make sure that we end up with a "Pearl" or the blessings that
living a virtuous life can bring?
How do we know what parts of our bodies are off limits to others?
(Use the swimsuit guide.)
Our swimming suits help us to know what areas of our bodies
are off limits to others.  These areas are sacred.
Our Heavenly Father has made our bodies different for a special purpose.
At the right time, after we have been married in the right place . . .
this sacred gift is shared only with our husband or wife.
That's what makes this gift so special!
Make a list of "Rules for Dating".


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