Be Prepared!

Last year we had an activity in the Relief Society additional meeting on ideas how to prepare the 72 Hours Kit. Each Sisters showed their personalized kit.

We held this activity on Saturday afternoon. Prior to our activity something really happens to our office that day! It was really terrible and we did not expect it to happen.

After we finish doing our payroll (because we give salaries on weekly basis), together with my boss and co-workers, we went out to buy something and suddenly the helper of my boss was calling him informing their is FIRE at the back of their house which as well as our office where I work! We rush back to the house and this is what happened on that day.

We are so much thankful that the house was not totally affected.
At the back their was very minimal damaged because the firemen was very alert and they protected the house from fire.
I've learned so much on that day especially that I was preparing the lesson for the Relief Society Sisters. I've learned that if we are PREPARE we should not have to fear and we will not panic and we can make wise decisions. I've seen this from my boss. He was prepared enough because he was quite alert and focus on what to do instead of worrying like his wife. They do not have the simple items like flashlights, first aid kit and other simple items for emergency. I was able to share to them about 72 hours kit and now they have it already.
I've learned also that in times with this, if we are prepared, we should not worry about our properties or furniture in our house, but primary concern would be our SAFETY!
What is 72 Hours Kit?
72 Hours kit is a preparation of basic needs in times of distress. Items vary in every individual needs but the basic like food, money, and water should be prepared and would be enough for 72 hours or 3 days until a help will come. These items should be put into a proper container or bag so that it would be easy to carry when it needs for us to leave our homes.

Why LDS have 72 Hours Kit?
The prophet counsels every member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to prepare for calamities and emergencies by preparing food storage and which includes the  72 hours kit.
Here are some of the Sister's 72 Hours Kit...

Before I made a little checklist for the sisters to keep.

But now, I made a new look of my 72 Hours Kit checklist. This time it is in wallet size so that we can just insert it in our wallet and be reminded the things we need to prepare for emergency.

Download File Here: Be Prepared

I first saw the idea to fold paper into 8-page booklet on Kristen's blog "Inkablinka"....(here).
Some of the information I got from here.



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