San Nicolas Sisters are Pinoy Henyo!

I'm thankful that my job in construction is not busy. Because of that I was able to use Holiday Monday! :-) And I spent it with the Relief Society Sisters. 

Last Monday afternoon, we had such a fun and exciting activity. Each sisters was able to join the fun. 

We played "PINOY HENYO". It means Filipino Genius. 
This is a famous local game originated from EAT-Bulaga GMA 7 game show.


Players: 2 persons

 Preparation: Prepare a familiar words.Write it on a strip of paper or flash cards.

Person A: She will guess the mystery word that will be placed on her forehead. She will ask a "close-ended questions" to Person B to guess the word. She must answer the word within a given time to make a score.

Photo by: Sis. Marijo Nolasco
Person B: She will give clues to Person A by answering her "close-ended questions" like yes, no or maybe. She should not make any hand signs or any clues.

Photo by: Sis. Marijo Nolasco
Losing team will take punishments.

I just like the closing message given by Sis. Letty at that time. She used the game as metaphor of our life. The Lord will not give us challenges in life if we can't overcome it. Sometimes we fail but we can learn and grow from it and try again until we overcome such challenges in life. Just like in the game, actually, the words are just familiar to all of us. We know it. But the challenge is not to disclose it to you but you find ways to answer it and surely someone will guide us through.

I'm just thankful for the San Nicolas Ward Sisters for participating in the activity. And I'm thankful for the presidency for their support! 
'til next activity!


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