Dating to Marriage to Dating

 We just had our Relief Society Additional Meeting last night. It was awesome. I love hearing Elder and Sister Ganir's experiences. It was very inspiring and motivating.

As planned, we invited Elder and Sister Ganir to be our guest speaker for this activity and assigned her to talk about "Dating Standards". Elder and Sister Ganir are couple missionary serving in Cebu Philippine Temple.

I just thought it was much better if I were able to prepare to capture her in video so that the young and single adults could hear the message. hmmm... :-( Anyway, I'll be sharing with you today some portion of her talk. Actually, I totally like her talk. Almost all.

The simple phrase we often hear about dating becomes different when I heard her speaking and giving new insights.

First, she shared her feelings towards her husband. Her love for her husband has grown each and every year.
 San Nicolas Sister ask how?
The Spirit would let her know and feel, she said.
 San Nicolas Sister ask why?
 Because Elder Ganir improve every year and respects his Priesthood more.

I wanted to try to tell you how she exactly answer every questions because it was inspiring but I'm sorry I may not able to deliver the same but I can feel the Spirit and still remember all.

She was able to chose the right talk by Elder Dallin H. Oaks.

Date should have three (3) P's:

1. Planned Ahead
2. Paid for
3. Paired off by male and female.

The Do's of Dating
Prepare long before dating. Decide now to keep your standards high, so your decisions will already be made if you are faced with a difficult situation.

a. Never date before the age of 16
b. Set a curfew goal and stick to it
c. Never be in a home alone (yours or his) with a guy
d. Never view immoral movies, books or listen to bad music
e. Always where modest clothing
f. Be smart. Stay away from potentially uncomfortable or unsafe situations. Choose an activity and a place that is consistent with your moral standards.
g. Date friends who know and share your values.
h. For safety's sake, be sure your family knows where you are going.
i. Have a definite plan. Involve everyone going on the date in the planning process.
j. Be considerate of your date's feelings and preferences.
k. Remember: Good date don't need to cost a lot of money.
l. Always be careful. Not all LDS guys are great..even RMs

One of the things I like of her talk was telling us, especially the youth and single adults, about not delaying marriage.
The world thinks and pressure the young and single adults and also the parents that acquisition of house, money, higher education and position before marriage could make you happy and successful.
She thought (and I thought) these things are dreams. A dream to come true with two individuals. What else could you ever dream of together if you all have this already? These blessings will come to us as the couple strive together, dream together and fulfill it together. These is really true! This is the Lord's way. I thought that the Lord would allow us to learn with each other as couple.

Elder Ganir shared his "Dad's interview" experiences. He said, we should not be afraid to ask straight forward questions like,

Are you active in the church?
Do you follow your parents and bishop?
Do you follow the commandments?
Do you do your priesthood responsibilities?
Do you agree with our curfew time?

This has been one of the successful activities we had in our Relief Society Additional Meeting. I'm so much grateful. My heart was filled with joy and inspiration.

We had a delicious food. Simple gift for Elder and Sister Ganir with thank you notes on top of it. And we have such strong sisters who continue to strive for good.

Thank you so much!


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