Family Group Record (FGR) with Photos

Lately, I have thought of re-organizing my family history files. Making it more organize and more lively. I like to encourage and to inspire some one doing the family history work because I know their is treasures in each of our family history discoveries.

 Do you remember my post about the PAF Printing Options? There I shared one of the ways to print if you want to track the list of names for ordinances and with missing information.

If you want this software, please click on this link: PAF Download.

In that printing option, you can print your FAMILY GROUP RECORD. 

You can choose what you want to appear in your family group record. Here, I showed you my preferences. 

For my FGR, I chose to include photos and it is nice that when the photo box was printed it was on scale. So, I can print pictures with right sizes.

Before you print, always PREVIEW and check PAGE SETUP. This will help see how it look like and if you need something to change.

In PAF, you can upload the photos to each persons in you FGR. When you print it out, it will automatically show you. But in my case, I want it blank.

I just thought this could be a good family history activity with our family.
I printed the FGR including photo box without uploading the photos to it.
I'll let them choose their pictures and print it out and glue it on the FGR.
And have a discussion for each information. Yes. This is a good idea.

Or I share with you this Family Group Record (FGR) with Photos printable. You can have a family home evening and make sure you prepare the pictures before hand and have them write information about them. And that would be your treasure to keep. How about that? 

 I hope this could give you an idea and hopefully an inspiration to do Family History Work! :-) Good Luck!

Download: Family Group Record with Photo Box 


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