Relief Society: Reminder Chart

When I attended Relief Society Class, I sometimes get confused of what lesson will be taught on a particular Sunday. I think I have the same problem with other sisters. Like, who's assigned to bring the flowers on a particular Sunday or when is my turn, when to submit the visiting teaching report and to whom, or maybe when is the next additional meeting or activity, and what is the latest emergency preparedness ideas to prepare.. Maybe these are just few of the things for us to be reminded. 

So, I decided to make a "Reminder Chart" or whatever you may call it.
I got the idea from lifedesigncraft. It looks really nice! But I wanted mine to be simple, clear and useful. I'm thankful for her design idea of being organized.
Sorry about the picture quality. I took it from my android phone.
 If you want to use my template, you can download at the bottom of this post. Print it out or if you have your own template you can use it. :-)

Laminate it in A4 size laminating film.
After that, you use Whiteboard dry erase marker to write onto your chart. 
I'm just showing you a quick example here.
 What I like about this is that I can just erase the writings and use the same chart for the next month. I don't have to start making again and spend other money. Or maybe you may might to really make your template beautiful, since you'll be using this many times. :-)

I'm planning to post this to the ward's bulletin board or during the Relief Society Class.


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