Visiting Teaching Supervisor's Report

I have been making forms for the Relief Society lately. We will be using this forms in our ward and I'm going to share with you these, in case, you will need. :-)

The VT supervisor will make her report also. After collecting the report from teachers, she will make a summary report for the month. And count numbers of sisters visited.
Update: I have changed the supervisor's report because the previous form is hard for our ward. 

Update: 7.30.2012: I've noticed that our VT Leader yesterday was using this form and I think it was easy for her to check who's being visited. And for the last Sunday of the month, every body is in a rush for visit.. hehehe.. It was always been like that! :-) But I'm happy they did their visiting teaching assignments!

Download: Visiting Teaching Supervisor's Report - NEW!


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