Relief Society: 5 Steps of Family History

Last Tuesday, that was August 21, 2012, we had Relief Society Activity focused on Family History. Unfortunately, only four sisters came including me. I've thought no one would come. I know this is not a fun activity mostly but even though we were few, we had fun. I was able to help a Sister who was having trouble on her documents. We were supposed to discussed the 5 Steps of Family History but we came out organizing her documents which is also a BIG part from one of the steps of Family History.

I wonder why she has so many papers. I found out that she has so many FGR and Pedigree Chart which was repeatedly written and were not useful. She has 4 binders, each in different color. Now, her problem was she cannot easily know what information she already have, what information she still need to research or perform ordinance, and she even can not understand her files what more her family or other family member. 

It was really an amazing night with her. As I was helping organize her paper I also learn and realize something for myself. Her 4 binders turned into 1 binder, organized and understandable.I felt how desirous she is in doing her family history work. She knows the blessings she will be receiving in doing this work. 

Anyway, I have prepared a simple handout for this activity in which I hope that this could be helpful to the Sisters.

Just in case you might need this handout....


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