2013 Relief Society Anniversary

We had so much pressure during our preparation for the Stake Relief Society Anniversary but all went well! I'm so grateful for all the sisters who joined, give service, helped out and enjoyed before and during the activity.

I've realized and found a more clear understanding why the Lord wants us to participate with this kind of activities. I was able to know more about the sisters. I know its kind usual to you but for me it adds more meaning. I was able to love them more and appreciate them more. I'm so thankful for them. Their have been some down moments but we became more patience, more willing and more responsible.

Everyone shared their talents. And it helped a lot for the success of our presentation. We had problem with our costume accessory and one sister volunteered to crochet. She is so talented that she finished it all with time pressure. We had problem with our lower costume, and everyone find ways how to sew them. We helped each other to have wear our make ups on and also with the flowers. We also have sisters who helped prepare the food. We have worked together as Sisters in Zion!

If you want to laugh and enjoy, here's the video link:


Every time I watch this video, it makes me laugh. We are not so much talented in dancing. Our feet and hand really don't coordinate well. hehehe... But it's a good thing because I love them! We teach and encourage each others weakness to have more courage! I am really thankful and have enjoyed so much!


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