Is your 72-Hours Kit Ready?

A reminder again to get our 72-Hours Kit ready. Rainy season in the Philippines have already started. We experience a lot of typhoons during this time.

It is important to be ready. And just don't take for granted every small and simple things.

Our Relief Society activity for the month of June was to show our 72-Hours Kit to Sisters and how we prepare it.  The objective of this activity is to inspire sisters to prepare for emergencies. Unfortunately, I have taken only few pictures. I will update this post with photos.

This is my 72-Hours kit. Some of the basic things to have. I got inspired with the other sisters who showed their kit because they give me ideas how to do. With this activity, I've learned several things. First,if we are prepared, we can act and respond well. Second, we can have a big chance to survive. And third, we can be able to help others.

I've shared this checklist in my previous post. You can visit it here.

It is most important that not only we prepare for temporal but also our spiritual in our day to day life.


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