Self-Realization to Self-Reliance

Before the 2012 year ends up to the 1st quarter of this year, we had few members in our ward who suffered from cancer and spent so many days in the hospital and eventually died. We also have experienced a sudden death of a Sister.

Seeing all of these makes me feel sad and scared. My heart are just crushed that I could not even watched them suffering from so much pain. But this is a part of our mortal life. We all have to suffer and experience this kind of pain. Sometimes I thought that no matter how we take care so much that we want to avoid bad things to happen we will still have our own kind of suffering in different way. It sounds scary but that is the reality.

But by faith, the scare we feel should be faded out. If we have faith to Jesus Christ and his plan of salvation, we will be made strong in whatever things we do that is expedient to Him. (Mosiah 7:33)

This life that we have is the time to PREPARE. 

April this year, we had a Relief Society activity. We had invited a speaker from Social Security System and St. Peter Death Insurance. The objective of this activity is to teach Sisters of our ward the importance of preparing for our future needs especially for retirement and death expenses.

The activity turns our very successful and we had so many questions that have answered. And fears fade away. Hope and determination increase.

Mostly, in Philippines, because of poverty, majority of the people can not afford to pay for these insurances. I am grateful that SSS, a government insurance, are doing some programs that reaching out this people who can only pay on daily basis. This way it is more easy and lighter for them. 

In most cases, I believe, most of Pilipino are open minded on preparing for death. I'm thankful that I have experienced helping those members because it was an eye opener to me that I have to prepare for that time. St. Peter Death Insurance and other death insurance company have helped us prepare for this very day. Just like what the speaker have said, "It is hurting to lose a loved one and it is more hurting if we don't have money to pay these expenses someone we love die. It is hurting to lose a loved one but we will be less tiring if we have prepared." This is reality.

I know that we can learn many good things in this life. We thought that those dark moments of our lives can be hard for us. But if we have centered our life and faith to the Lord Jesus Christ, we will realized that these things were made lighter for us. I know that it is true.


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