Modest Mini Fashion Show

Our combined activity of Relief Society and the Young Women was not really fancy at all. When we heard about "fashion show", the glamorous styles are what we have already registered into our minds. But this activity is not what it means. We have simple preparations. And we wanted to teach young women and also the relief society the importance of modesty and also how they could choose the right clothes for the right purpose and desire.

We have prepared bunch of clothes. Mixed with non modest items. Their challenge is to dress up in modesty with the provided clothes to them. Each of them explain why they chose it and how they feel. Most of them were not comfortable and feel awkward with the one they chose. Some were satisfied and happy with they have chose.

Everyone was straight forward whether they are modest or not and their reasoning was quite very honest. But I know they have evaluated themselves on how they will be pleasing to God. I'm thankful for their commitment to be modest not only on how they look but also on how they feel and think.


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