Stake Relief Society Clothing Exchange

We were thrilled to know to have this kind of activity in our Stake. We are so much grateful for the Stake Leaders of holding this activity. We became curious and excited of the things we are going to get and to bring at the activity.

Here are the planning of the Stake Relief Society Presidency have made:

11am to 2:00pm – Drop off Clothes    (Clothes will only be accepted during this time)

3pm Doors will Open to Shop

Items Accepted 
Baby Clothes/ Baby Blankets

Primary Children Clothes/ Shoes / School Bags

Women’s Clothing/ Purses/ Jewelry/ Shoes

Men’s Clothing/ Belts/ Ties/ Shoes
Items Not Accepted 
Items torn/broken or with holes (unwearable because of the holes or because it’s broken)

Used underwear


Broken Shoes/ Broken Purses or Bags

When you drop off your clothes you will receive credit in the form of tickets. You then come back and use these tickets to purchase items that you want.  We ask everyone to respect the time line for drop off. No Clothes will be accepted past the cut off time. But, you can coordinate someone else to drop your clothes off and pick up your tickets for you, if you want.

Everyone is invited – but doors will NOT open until 3pm.

Volunteers Needed 
We ask from each Ward to find (4) Volunteers!  These should be women who have the Time and don’t mind working and setting up the clothes. They will need to help from 11am – until 5pm. (note: they might have little or no time to shop, they will be working). Please ask the sisters who are willing to be volunteers on this day. We need 4 sisters from each ward, please have them be at the venue by or before 11am.

Note: After the we consumed our tickets, they also prepare another area for FREE NO TICKET FOR ALL.

 The more the merrier this activity should be. :-) We really had fun. Hope you could do this in your Stake as well! Enjoy!


Nata de Coco said…
Great idea! It's like an ukay-ukay! Good for those who want to have a wardrobe change. You don't have to buy stuff, just exchange! :)
MuaHRiLou said…
Thank you Nata De Coco! :-) This could be done in a Ward Relief Society Activity.

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